Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Parks & Palm Sunday

We made strawberry & lemon yogurt popsicles last week and Davey ate them for breakfast every day till they were gone.  And now he's requesting more.  😉

This little preschooler asked me to take a picture of him with his designs.

My sweet hubby came home with my favorite pink tulips the other day just because. 😍  And then he put the in my sweet grandmother's vase.

out for a walk/bike ride with my crew

Emma played in the sand at our park for the first time.  She loves being a big girl.

Clara helped run interference on Emma actually eating the sand.

Clara got her costume at dance class last week!  We're looking forward to her recital next month!

We got Clara (here) and Davey (here but in red) our favorite summer shoes at Scheels.  We love that we can buy Keens big to make them last two years, but they can still walk and run in them just fine now.  The boys were given tokens for the ferris wheel (Clara didn't want to ride it), so of course we had to do that.  Davey is waving to Emma. :)

enjoying the sunshine with our sunshine

my big (read: baby) girl loving her push walker

Emma has been standing on her own for weeks and weeks and I finally took a picture!  I'm usually so good at documenting all. the. things. but kept forgetting to snap a picture of her standing.  Adorable!

We got Clara new streamers for her bike!

Davey wanted to try on Daddy's Calvary Stetson he got when he was in the army.

The highlight of the weekend for me was this family bike ride.  Davey hung out in the bike trailer with Emma for her first ride and Clara rode her bike.  We biked to the park and around the trails and Clara was just zooming.  Most of me totally wants to freeze time and keep these three little, but each stage is so fun.

Swinging, swinging!  She was just giggling away!

Palm Sunday at church

Emma waving and saying "buh-bye" to the cars driving by.  She is so precious.  She waves and says hi to everyone she sees.  Such a joy.

And a random supper picture just because I can't get enough of her and her cuteness.

Michael and I cleaned out one of our closets yesterday.  Emma makes sitting on the shelf look fun!

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