Sunday, June 4, 2017

Date Night, Splash Party and the Zoo

just two sisters hanging out in the laundry basket 💜

Last day of swimming lessons (May 4th)!

Michael won us a date night at his company Christmas party in January.  We got picked up by a '49 Cadillac from Vintage Occasions Limo Service.  It was such a fun part of our night and our driver Joy was so sweet.

Meanwhile Grandma Ann and uncle Zachary were holding down the fort at home. 😊  Thank you Mom!

hanging out in the van while Daddy runs an errand

Waiting to swim it up at the big kids' splash party to celebrate the completion of swimming lessons.

Fishy number three!  Emma loves the water!

We had the best time!

That night we rode our bikes to the park.  I am loving being able to go for family bike rides with both Clara and Davey on their bikes.

We brought our supper to the park for a little picnic.

Emma loves this baby doll.  It makes the cutest baby sounds when you push it's tummy.  They sound just like Emma.

We went to the zoo one afternoon.  Love these little monkeys!

my big little girl by the reindeer

We met Jessie and Miriam and later Billy and Heather at the zoo.  The kids weren't into posing for a picture, but I think it turned out pretty cute anyway.

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