Saturday, March 17, 2018

Davey's 5th Birthday Party - Lego Style!

We had a great time celebrating Davey's 5th birthday with a lego themed party along with friends and family September 24th!  David loves building with legos so it was fun to incorporate them into his celebration.  The kiddos colored lego people, played Find the Lego Minifigures, built with legos and had some lego inspired treats.

I ordered his cute invite from this etsy shop.

We used the community room for his party.  We didn't know at the time it would be the last party we'd have there.  Excited to now have an amazing backyard for future birthday celebrations.

Thanks again to my friend Karin for borrowing me her big bin of duplos.  David loved seeing his name built out of legos.

We borrowed a couple tablets from church for coloring and lego building.

First banner I didn't make myself in several years.  Not going to lie, it was nice!  Thank you Walmart for having lego themed party supplies!

Design your own lego minifigure coloring pages for the win!

I ordered a bundle of baseplates and a big bag of generic legos so each kiddo could build and take home their own creation.

I set up duplos and coloring pages for the littlest ones.

I love me a balloon banner!

I made this lego banner from these foam sheets.  I made one circle and just traced and cut out the rest.  Then just stuck them on with foam adhesive circles to give them a 3-D look.  I kept this banner to hang in Davey's room. :)

We had Davey's party in the middle of the afternoon so we just had snacks and cake.

I found these cute molds and thought they'd be fun.  I asked Davey what he wanted me to make with them and he requested jello.  Well.  Although they were a huge hit with the kiddos, I think I'd recommend choosing a different treat.  Unless performing surgery with a toothpick for hours to get these bad boys out in one piece and still resembling their mold sounds fun to you. ;)

Also of note, jello is not something I ever really make so I wasn't aware of this, but for the next few days after the party my kiddos noticed some interesting colors while in the bathroom if you know what I mean!  Apparently this happens even if you use jello with no artificial colors.  LOL  Long overdue apologies to friends' parents. ;)

The Hy-Vee bakery ladies did it again!

I taped together plastic table cloths for a photo op area.

I printed off lego minifigures and stuck them up around the party room for a little scavenger hunt.  The kids loved it!

The birthday boy!!!

We were ready to party!

My little guy.  I couldn't love being his mama more.

We kicked off the party with some coloring.

Best group party picture ever!

Gunner & Ryker

Isaac V. & Isaac B.


Stella & Cali


Davey loves Grandma Ann and always wants her to stay longer when she visits!

Uncle Zachary

Aunt Heather, Haddie and Uncle Billy

Looking for the "hidden" minifigures on the walls.  They loved it!

the 1-year-olds 💜

Lego building time!

He was having a good time! :)

"I'll just guard the presents for you."


There was a lot of silliness and laughter going on at this table!

After presents we played at the park till parents were there and ready to go.  I asked Davey later what his favorite part of his party was and he said, "playing at the park." LOLOLOL  After all that party prep work... ;)  I know he loved it all though and felt pretty special.

Thanks so much to all of Davey's friends and family who came out to celebrate him!  Thanks for making him feel so special and loved.  He's a blessed little boy.

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