Sunday, June 8, 2014

the past two weeks

I had to have my appendix out 2 weeks ago.  I had the cutest visitors at the hospital!

The pool opened for the summer!

Love these little best buddies.

Clara put my stethoscope on and wanted to listen to my heart and tummy.  She very seriously said, "Take a deep breath.  Again.  And again..." as she moved it around listening. At one of my doctor appointments she said, "Mommy, I wish I was a doctor."  Maybe someday she will be!

We love McKennan Park.

Girl time!  Ready for Colette's bridal shower. :)

Sweet Colette let Clara be right in the present action.

Clara and my cousin Michael's two girls had fun playing in the rain.  I got my camera out too late to catch the Bisson girls.

Davey loves living by an airport and seeing all the planes.

my little cruising' buddies

Yogurt, anyone?

More pool time.  I'm not going too crazy in the water yet since my incisions are still healing.  Thankfully their daddy loves throwing them around in the pool.

Auntie Jenna visited from Colorado.  So good to see her!