Thursday, June 25, 2015

Teapot Days 2015

my baby

These are some of my favorite moments.

~Teapot Days 2015~
Jacob & Zachary spent the weekend with us! :)

I can't believe I let them touch that giant snake!  And I can't believe Clara actually wanted to!

Pedal & Pull contest :)

Jordan met us at the fair Friday night and took some awesome pictures. :)  Love having someone else around who likes to take pictures.

This might be my favorite of Jordan's pictures. :)  Love it!

Jordan again. :)

and again.

and again. :)  Checking out the monster trucks.

Cotton candy!

Jordan's picture again. :)

Having fun at the fair!

Zachary and his prize.  Pretty much all of the pictures with the cool blurry background effect are Jordan's. ;)

Checking out the ducks.  Jordan's shot.

I love this one, Jordan!

These last four are Jordan's pictures too.  Thanks for taking these pictures and emailing them to me Jordan!  You are so good!

their prizes from the duck game :)

Running to the car! :)

Saturday morning we went to the parade.

After the parade we met Michael at the craft fair and rode the train.

at the craft fair

I packed us a picnic lunch.  We sat in the shade by the lake and it was so nice!

After lunch we headed home for naps and Michael took Jake and Zach swimming.

Saturday was Zachary's 12th birthday!  We have spent several of Zach's birthdays with him, but my favorite was his 5th birthday when the boys were staying with us in Texas. :)

Look how little he is!

After the cake we headed back up the fair for the rides!

This ride was pretty awesome, but the whole time I kept having to make myself stop thinking about how I would save myself if the ride broke. hahaha

My little speed racer yelled "Ahhh!" every time Lightning McQueen whipped around the curve and he loved every second.

Moby Dick.  This ride is no joke.  Zach talked me into riding it with him later in the evening.  How could I turn him down on his birthday? ;)  I'm feeling motion sick just thinking about it now!

These two were the ride kings for the night.

This is them looping around.  Davey is so cute all tucked in, holding on.

ferris wheel

riding the Tornado with Zach

These two love each other.

And they were both loving the 80's-90's cover band.  On our way over Clara said, "We need to hurry.  I don't want to miss the band!" :)

Girlfriend was busting a move and having a good 'ol time.

We headed over to the Wilkison's to hang out with cousins and for some campfire and s'mores after the fair.

I stole this from Laura's Facebook. ;)  Nothing better than sitting around a campfire!

Finally at about 10:45 they shot off fireworks.

Father's Day with our favorite daddy Sunday.

I interviewed the kids and they colored for their Father's Day gifts.

We sent some to Grandpa Ellingson, too.

Daddy's girl.

Clara taking care of her baby in his crib. :)

Holding hands with my sweet boy as he fell asleep for a nap Tuesday.

these two little loves <3

"S" is for Skunk at the Outdoor Campus Wednesday.  Cutest skunk I've ever seen!  They usually have enough supplies for the little siblings, but not today so Davey didn't get to make a skunk.  He still had fun!