Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Our Home & Avery's 2nd Birthday

We closed on our new home November 2nd!  We looked for a very long time and we are so glad we waited for this gem.  It feels so good to feel settled and home!

I got a house for my birthday!  Moving day was also my 33rd birthday. :)

So happy for my littles to have a beautiful, big yard for the rest of their childhood.

Grandma Ann came to play!

One of Emma's favorite things about our new home is watching all of the squirrels in the big trees!

Girl knows how to rock a pair of shades.

Avery's 2nd birthday party was at Grandma Ann's.  Unfortunately all of my kiddos weren't feeling well, so I just snuck away for a bit to help celebrate Avery.

Daddy knows how to get the smiles.


Happy birthday sweet girl!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Harvest Night

We love going to a local church for their Harvest night each Halloween.  This past year Davey was Dash from the Incredibles, Emma was a pretty princess, and Clara was a mermaid. :)

I loved their photo op set up. So pretty and festive!

my little mermaid


Oh, the cuteness!  Such a pretty, pretty princess!

balloon animals (well, one sword)

The kiddos played lots of carnival games.

Oh my gosh, I love that baby (and her sweet big sister).

We ended the night at the bounce houses.  Success.

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

The kiddos painted the pumpkins that they picked out at Pumpkin Festival.

This one had fun, but it was a little challenging to keep the paint out of her mouth!  We had a rag on standby.

Look at that masterpiece! :)

I could not pick between these two pictures.  What a dolly!

The next night we carved our big pumpkins and baked pumpkin seeds.  We are 2 days from MOVING DAY here, hence boxes everywhere!

So fun!  We love fall!

Birthdays, Women's Retreat & a Minnie Mouse Party

The kiddos and I brought uncle Jordan a donut for his birthday October 26th. :)

Emma trying to get herself some water... almost!

The morning of Michael's 40th birthday!  I gave him a binder full of messages from people from all across different seasons of his life.  It was pretty awesome.  I was headed to Inspiration Hills for the rest of the day for our church's women's retreat.

my sweet life group besties at the Women's Retreat

Clara loved Stella's "Minnie's Boutique" birthday party!  Big girls did their hair and nails. :)

I had to document the curls and nails!  So cute!!

Baby sister getting in on the fun!

These two love to read the children's Bible together. :)