Monday, September 18, 2017

Apple Orchard

September 10th we went to The Country Apple Orchard after church for their first festival of the season, Family Fun Festival!  We love this tradition every year!

Riding the tractor trailer out to the apple trees!

These annual kiddo pictures in the rows of apple trees are my favorite.


Emma picked her first apple.  That face. 😂

These three.

The girls rode ponies!

Emma was such a big girl and held on the whole time just taking it in.

We were going to let Emma ride the train with Clara but she wanted out last minute.

Clara conquered the big ball obstacle course on the first try!

My little Superman!

What a wonderful afternoon!  We love The Country Apple Orchard!  We'll be back to pick pumpkins next month!

And for fun, to see pictures from our annual apple picking previous years, click on the year:

Thursday, September 14, 2017

First Day of School

We started a new school year September 5th!  Clara is officially a first grader and Davey is in his last year of preschool.  We're almost two weeks in and we're off to a great start!




We've been busy learning all the things, but a highlight so far has been reading the original 1932 copyrighted Mary Poppins aloud a chapter at a time.  We've almost completed it.  The other night after I read them a chapter before bed, Clara asked, "just one more chapter?"  And when I said no, it was time for bed, Davey said, "in the morning can we read chapter eight straight away?"  All the heart eyes for that parenting win!

Clara started dance classes again!  She's taking Ballet I this year.

She's thrilled to be in the same class as one of her besties Amelia.

Playing at the park with Haddie Jo while Clara has soccer practice.

Half birthday cousins!  Their birthdays are exactly 6 months apart.
10.18.15 💜 04.18.16

So creative!

She even has a little fire going in the woods. 😉

Love these sillies!

This past Friday we went on our first field trip to the Gross family farm with our Little Explorers friends.

the mamas

Noah got to feed a bottle calf!

Checking out the combine.

I think Lydia loved showing her friends around her grandparents' farm.  She had named the animals the cutest, most creative names!

One of the big kids!

They even got to feed and ride miniature ponies.

It was a great morning!!!  Thanks again for having us Candace and family!