Thursday, June 29, 2017

Carpool Book Club {June 2017}

Happy Thursday!  June has come and gone so quickly.  It's already time for Carpool Book Club with Narci!  What are you reading?

I'm still on a mission to continue to deep clean, declutter and organize our home.  One thing that motivates me to keep going is listening to audiobooks on the topic and Unstuffed by Ruth Soukup did not disappoint.  This book doesn't just talk about decluttering our homes, but all areas of our lives, including our schedules and relationships.  The author offers practical tips that are easy to implement.  It's an ongoing process, but getting rid of unnecessary and unwanted items as well as clearing my schedule so I'm not running from thing to thing is so freeing!  Becoming "unstuffed" helps you focus on who and what is most important in your life.

I'm participating in a summer book club hosted by Jamie Ivey from The Happy Hour podcast.  The Turquoise Table by Kristin Schell was the June book.  First of all, this book is gorgeous.  It was a super easy read and very inspirational for creating a simple space for relationships to grow in your community.  Romans 12:13 instructs us to practice hospitality and this verse is central to the heart behind the turquoise table.  The book talks about being "front yard people" and I love that idea.  Basically the author put a picnic table she painted turquoise in her front yard in hopes of cultivating relationships with those in her neighborhood as well as for a place to unplug and be present with her family.  I finished the book wanting a turquoise table of my own!  We've been looking for a house lately and I've been picturing where I'd put my turquoise table in the front yard. 😊  There are also several recipes throughout the book which is a bonus!  I'm especially excited to make the simple sautéed apples.  Jamie did a Facebook live video of the book club at her home with Kristen, the author, so that was fun to watch.  Jamie also turned it into a podcast, so you can check out The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey podcast #147 if you want to hear more.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Muddy Vike

We had a super fun weekend the beginning of June!  Michael and I did the Muddy Vike with some of our amazing friends, we got to see some friends who were visiting from Minnesota, and we celebrated our buddy Brecken's birthday.

Before and after pic from the Muddy Vike!  The Muddy Vike is a 2 1/2 mile mud run with an muddy/wet obstacle every 1/4 mile.  We completed it with some of our best friends.  We named our team The Supper Club because we try to get our families together at least once a month for supper.  Love these people!

Pinning our numbers on.

Before picture!

My mom met us there to play with the kids while we did the run.  Thanks again Mom!


Loved getting to do something active and fun with my favorite guy.

I'm wearing a white shirt if we do this again next year.  Matt looks awesome in our after picture!

We went home to shower and then met our sweet friends the Bakkers at Scheels.  Loved catching up with them and meeting adorable baby Autumn.

This sweet joy loves climbing in the cupboards.

Before church that Sunday.  I wanted to text my mom a picture because she got the kids these cute outfits.  Clara loves matching Emma!

That afternoon we got to go to Sky Zone for the first time to celebrate Brecken's 5th birthday!  The kids had a blast!

Davey kept running and jumping into the side.  He was literally bouncing off the walls. 😂

💜 Emma, Allie & Charley 💜

little monkey

Emma wanted to bounce, too!

with the birthday boy!

Such a fun party and a great weekend!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Life Lately

Emma has adopted a few of Clara's dollies and she gives them such good love!  She often says "baby" in her sweet little voice and snuggles them right up.

The day after Clara's dance recital she wanted to put on her recital outfit from the previous year and watch the recital from that year.

Clara loves getting Emma dressed up with her.  I love this picture of Clara!

See what I mean? 😊  Good thing Emma doesn't mind being a real life dress up doll.

We met Clara's sweet Girl Scout friends at the zoo one day.

The Murrays, Davids and Charters came over to grill and play bean bags May 31st.  Love this time with some favorite friends!  We released our 5 caterpillar turned butterflies that night so all of the kids could watch.

Our first of many trips to the pool this summer!

My mom got the girls matching outfits.  Adorable!

We love spending our mornings at the park!