Sunday, February 22, 2015

Life Lately: February Week 3

my cuties before church last Sunday

My cousin Andrew, his wife Susan and their 3 (soon to be 4!) kids are moving to Budapest, Hungary in a few days as missionaries.  It's sad to see them go, but amazing to watch them live out the calling God has given them.  Please keep them in your prayers!

They love their daddy and I'm not sure there is anything I love more then watching him be an amazing daddy and love them so well.

We had a picnic supper one night this week.

All of Clara's dreams came true when baby Natalie came over on Wednesday!  As they were leaving Clara basically told me she wants us to go get a baby Natalie.  Like we can just go to the store and pick a baby Natalie off the shelf.  If only it were that easy! ;)

buddies Noah & Davey playing cars

Clara built cars for her Paw Patrol friends.

We took this picture to send to Daddy at work of his princess playing dress up.

more Paw Patrol vehicles

We had so much fun having the Bartz family over for supper Friday night.  Of course Celia and Clara wanted to play dress up.  Such sweeties!

I visited my precious Grandma twice this past week.  I cherish any time I get with her and her home is definitely one of my happy places.  She's filled it with so much love!

Super dad Michael had Sam and Stella over for the morning while I was at my Grandma's Saturday.

cuties in pajamas

love my snuggle bear

Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Funny Valentines

Michael and I joined a challenge to eat clean for 5 days this past week.  We did pretty good (followed the meal plan about 90%) and got lots of healthy recipes.

Clara practicing her handwriting :)


Clara asked me to take a picture of her jumping on the couch. haha

my little princess reading a ducky book in bed with her ducky <3

Valentine's Day love from sweet auntie Em!

Grandma and Grandpa E. sent goodies too.

mixing up some monster protein balls (these may or may not have been on the clean eating menu... ;)

Rob and Matthew came to play on Friday.

This picture is a little more accurate of reality. ;)


They all came out of Davey's room saying they were marching in the parade. :)

I found this printable on pinterest and used it to make little valentines.

We made and decorated cookies.

Clara and Davey love Paw Patrol so this was the perfect little Valentine's Day gift.

They immediately started some pretend play with them.   Davey picked one up and said "hello..." in a silly little voice as they began to play.

After the kids went to bed on the 13th I decorated their doors with little "heart attacks" (thank you Pinterest) for them to wake up to Valentine's day morning.  I love holiday traditions and this is one I'm going to keep and do each year.  It was fun to read their hearts to them the next morning and see them beam with pride as we affirmed how special they are to us.

Clara's door:
We love to hear your thoughts
We love your hugs & kisses
We love to watch you dance
We love your big heart
We love your beautiful smile & sweet giggle
We love how you take care of Davey
We love when you help Mommy bake
We love to hear you sing
We love your sweet spirit

David's door:
We love when you tackle Daddy
We love to see you smile and hear your laugh
We love to watch you eat
We love your gruff & sweet voice
We love your thankful heart
We love your need for speed
We love how you adore your sissy
We love your cuddles & kisses
We love how sweet you are

Valentine's Day morning playing with their pups

tulips from my hubby <3

my Valentine and I about to leave for our Valentine's Day marriage retreat

My mom and littlest brother Zachary spent the day with our kiddos.  She took the rest of these pictures and it looks like they had a fun day!  Clara is playing Dance Dance Revolution here. :)

forts are their favorite

fun uncle Zachary