Sunday, March 29, 2015

Clara's Mini Ballet Recital

Clara had her mini ballet recital Tuesday during her last practice of the current session.  Michael took a few hours off of work that morning so he was able to be there.  She did so well and was so happy that we were there to watch her.  All of her little friends in her class did so great too.  It's just the cutest thing watching 3-5 year olds dance. :)  And they had the best teacher!  Thank you for your time and effort, Christina.  You are such a loving, patient, talented ballet instructor.

my silly little dancelina (dance-a-lee-na - this is what Clara used to call ballerinas;)

It has been so much fun having Celia and Clara in the same ballet class!

Clara and Celia with their teacher Christina

She was so excited when it was time for us parents to come in the dance studio to watch them perform.

They each did a mini solo dance. :)


Miss Celia

Miss Clara

We were so happy Daddy could be there!

such precious friends

Clara and David look so much alike sometimes!  Love my littles!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Park, Birthday Party & Grandma's Last Weekend

We walked to the park last Saturday.  I LOVE it when he wants to hold hands.

Seriously, I love my life.  Oh the cuteness.

Running! Can't wait to get there! <3

She's into the monkey bars now.

The last few times at the park he will climb to the top of the twirly whirly slide, look down and say, "how ya doing down there?" haha

Saturday evening we headed to Brandon for my nephew Isaac's 4th birthday party.  Such good timing that Daniel, Atika and Jenna were all home visiting.

He had his party at Pizza Ranch and the kids had a blast!

Just need one more for a whole team!

The cute, happy birthday boy himself!

The bouncy area was definitely a hit.

of course, head first :)

Look at that monkey!

Happy 4th birthday Isaac Gage! <3

My whole family!  We took these family pictures after Isaac's party at almost 10 pm.  I still can't believe how well the kids cooperated for that time of night!

a little more accurate! ;)

best buds

Sunday we visited Great-Grandma Bisson for a little bit and played cards most of the time.  The kids all love playing with all the old toys.  Davey and Isaac are under Grandma's table here!

We love you Grandma!

Wish these two lived closer to each other!  But we love having an excuse to visit Florida sometime!

We had a great time playing several hands of Golf.

Clara ended the weekend creating with her play doh ice cream maker!