Friday, September 30, 2016

Davey's 4th Superhero Birthday Party

We celebrated Davey's 4th birthday with our family and friends superhero style on Saturday.  Davey was the CUTEST Captain America I've ever seen, and his little friends were all adorable as well!  My superhero-loving boy had a super fun time at his party!

Davey's party invite was so stinking' cute!  Thank you etsy!

We had his party in our community room again.  It is such a great space and perfect for parties.

I painted a Captain America shield for the kids to play Pin the Star on the Shield. :)

I got the giant tag board at Hobby Lobby and the stars in the party section at Walmart.

craft table for the kiddos

The kids each got to color and sticker a mask and a star. :)

one, two, three, four birthdays for my little man

I got this Hulk Smash game idea off Pinterest of course!

The kids each got play dough, a big bouncy ball, and superhero stickers. :)

These centerpieces turned out pretty cute!  I love the kids-dressed-up-as-superheroes theme to the party.  Some of the real superheroes can look pretty intense and a bit scary and I didn't want that at all.

I love this!

I brought HyVee these Imaginext figures to put on Davey's cake as part of his present from us.  He loves these little figures so much and plays with them all the time!

superhero dress up station

My little superhero family!

Super Baby, do, do dooo!

Halloween costumes: check, check, check!

Davey's cousin Isaac is one of his best buddies!  They are quite the silly pair and make an adorable Batman and Captain America!

Sweet Stella will be 4 next month, too!

So thankful for aunt Gabby and others who helped me with Emma!  Emma looks so big here.  I just want to squeeze her!!

Lydia, aka Flash, also just turned four!

My dad got this adorable picture of Emma smiling at her daddy. :)

Big sister Amelia was sadly home sick, but we are so glad Will still made it to the party!

the boys :)

I'm so excited to watch these two little best-friends-in-the-making grow up together!

the girls <3

Davey loves his uncles!

So nice to have Grandpa Pike and uncle Jesse at Davey's party!

Don't y'all feel safer knowing these six are around?!  What an adorable bunch!

one more of my superiffic three!

Clara and Davey both picked out the wrap with their character on it. :)

Game time!  Pin the Star on the Shield!  They each got spun 4 times before getting to "pin" their star on the shield. :)

Getting ready to play Hulk Smash!

Happy 4th birthday Davey!

uncle tickles

present time!

Uncle Benj and the flying birthday superhero :)

Silly Grandpa Ellingson was over on the side getting Davey to make muscles. ;)

Emily, Grandpa and Grandma Ellingson got there towards the end of the party as they had a funeral to go to earlier in the day.

The girls played with the balloons while we cleaned up. :) 

Thanks to all the friends and family who came to Davey's birthday party!  I know he felt so loved and celebrated!

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