Thursday, June 30, 2016

June Book Review

I got this book from my chiropractor over a year ago.  I read the first several chapters right away and have been meaning to pick it back up ever since.  I finally read it from start to finish this month and it is a wealth of good information.  I'll definitely be referring back to it.  It's so good to remind ourselves from time to time why we should be eating healthy and each time I do I pick up additional healthy habits that stick and become just a normal part of our diet and grocery list.  It's a journey though, this whole eating healthy thing! ;)

Ah Nicholas Sparks, it had been awhile, buddy!  I'm not going to lie, I'm a fan.  I've read all of his books.  His latest book See Me sucked me in from the first chapter and I could barely put it down till I was finished reading it just a couple days later.  And then I found myself thinking about and missing the main characters for the next several days after that.  Now that's the sign of a good book!

Michael Bublé is my favorite.  I LOVE his music!  It just makes me happy.  I love all of his albums, but I've listened to his Christmas album probably 1,000 times.  My kids request certain songs from it and love to dance around to them and can sing along some.  It's the album of their childhood.  I pray that when they listen to it as adults it will bring back lots of memories of love, joy, and a feeling of home from their childhood.  I really want to see Michael in concert someday!  Maybe on his next tour??  Or attend the taping of his annual Christmas special.  Oh my gosh that would be incredible.  Two of my favorite things: Christmas and Michael Bublé.  Needless to say Onstage Offstage was an interesting read for me.  He told stories from his childhood and chronicled his life and career up until the book was published in 2011.  It also included tons of pictures.  This book is larger than normal, but I got used to it.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Clara's First Big Dance Recital

Clara had her first big dance recital on May 20th and 21st at the Washington Pavillon.  It was so much fun to watch my tiny dancer up on stage.  She is such a sweet beauty and she loves to dance.  This year she took a class called Tiptoes which included both ballet and tap lessons.

recital rehearsal May 19th

our little friend Amelia (on the right)

All ready for the first night of the recital!

If only I could freeze time...

Clara was super excited about getting to color while she waited back stage with her class.

Clara & Ainsley -- SO SWEET!


Grandma Ann came the first night!  She held Emma (who slept through the whole recital)!

All ready for the second night of the recital!  Grandpa & Grandma Ellingson came to watch!

Clara & Amelia -- LOVE

backstage with my girl

such good dance hands here ;)

A big thank you to our amazing friends the Dockters and the Davids taking care of Davey these three nights.  He had so much fun with both families.