Friday, July 31, 2015

4th of July and Friends

This has been such a crazy busy month between work and all things summer that I am finally getting a chance to catch up a little on pictures.  Wahoo!

This handsome little boy just melts me.

Little Miss Cali came to play.  She is the sweetest and kept saying things like, "Miss Angela, I like you." <3

The Storytellers!  These beautiful friends are such a blessing to our family.  Our life group was getting so big we decided to multiply into two groups.  This was our last week officially together.

Love these ladies!

"T" is for turtle at The Outdoor Campus

my sleeping beauty

My mom and Zach met us at the zoo to play with the kids while I went to the dentist one day. :)

Grandma Ann got the kids these adorable backpacks at the zoo.  They love them!

Michael and I had a date night.  Dinner and a movie! <3  

I had to work all morning and early afternoon on the 4th of July but we made the most of the rest of our day.  First up, swimming!

My favorite thing about my husband is what an amazing daddy he is to our little ones.  They adore him!

We made this adorable little craft since it was the 4th.  We just taped several straws in a bunch and bent the tops out to look like a firework, dipped them in paint, stamped them on the cardstock, and sprinkled glitter on.  So easy!  I got the idea from my blogger friend Andrea.  She also featured Davey's 2nd birthday party on her blog a few weeks ago, here.  So fun!

Love, love, LOVE them!

We just hung out with our neighbors this year.  These kiddos have a lot of fun together!

Davey's first sparkler!

Clara's first sparkler! :)  I love how big her eyes got.

We spent maybe $10 on fireworks and our next door neighbors probably spent closer $1,000, so we just sat back and watched the show! ;)  Our apartment looks out over our town and the skyline was awesome!

4th of July dessert! :)

I had to snap a picture of these two before church the next morning...  I could eat them with a spoon!  Love these beauties!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Becoming an Outdoor Family

Last weekend we met some friends at Lewis & Clark for their Becoming an Outdoor Family weekend!  The park did such a great job organizing it all and they had lots of fun classes for the families.  We did archery, went kayaking, learned about wild life, had a beach party and Clara did the obstacle course.  We would love to make this weekend an annual tradition.  Thanks for inviting us, Brenda! :)

Resting up before our weekend of fun!

helping put the tent up :)

sweet girls loved climbing this tree

There was this little pathway between/under the trees on our campsite so we had to check that out right away.

trying out archery for the first time

They met Smokey the Bear AND got close enough for a picture.  They (especially Clara) are usually quite afraid of costumed characters.

giant frisbees

glow sticks from Char

Our whole group of 4 families went kayaking Saturday morning.  So fun to be able to do this!

Tim & Sam :)

Dave & Isaac :)

Isaac and Davey :)

Macy and Clara had so much fun together!

learning about the wild life

A sweet park staffer took these pictures and offered to send them to me.  Love fellow picture-minded people! ;)

my little owl

beach party!

my cute hubby <3

such a beach babe

cousins :)

all the kiddos except napping Isaac :)

Clara doing the limbo ;)

Sand castle contest champions!

It was so fun having our bikes along!  (Thanks Tim!)  We rode around the trails a few times.

Davey & Isaac

What does the fox say?!

Clara did the whole obstacle course and did a great job.  It was so cute watching her tiny little self race around it.

And they were sleeping before we got out of the park!  Definitely the sign of a fun weekend!