Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Night Before Christmas

My brother Billy and his wife Heather dropped off a Christmas Eve box for my littles for the second year in a row.  It was so incredibly thoughtful and generous of them, not to mention so much fun.

They got pajamas, a Christmas movie, popcorn and hot chocolate.  We love cozy pajamas and Christmas movies!  Thanks again Billy and Heather!

On Christmas Eve we have a tradition of making a meal out of appetizers.  This year we had a veggie tray, meat, cheese, crackers, two kinds of chicken wings, and bacon wrapped smokies.

I love the atmosphere a lit tree creates in the evening.

Michael read the kids The Night Before Christmas and we read the Christmas story from the Jesus Story Book Bible as well.

Clara, Davey, and I decorated a gingerbread house.  I kept having to remind them not to eat all of the decorations. 😊  They love doing this.

Clara and Davey each decorated a special cookie for Santa.  Notice in the top left of this picture we had the fire going on our TV.  I can hardly wait for that to be a real fireplace someday!  That will be one of our top must haves when looking for a house.  A Christmas tree AND a fireplace... I will be in heaven!

After we got our sweeties tucked in bed, Michael and I got all of the presents and stockings positioned around the tree and ready for morning.  I love making Christmas morning magical and full of joy and love.  It's one of my favorite days of the year.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Christmas Eve Eve

These pictures are from Christmas Eve Eve.  You know, the eve before Christmas Eve! 😉  I love those final days leading up to Christmas.  There's so much excitement, festive activities and intentional family time.

My "big" kids put their large puzzles together and played with their little figures on them.  They have always been all about little figures.

Of course they have their little disagreements here and there, but overall these two little best friends play so well together.  Makes my mama heart proud.

We made our annual sugar Christmas cookies cutouts on this day.

The sprinkle containers were got were so silly.  They had HUGE holes in the top.  Not really sure what the designers were thinking??  Oh well, I don't think the kids minded using LOTS of sprinkles.

There's no better sound than a baby's giggle!  Davey and Clara were taking turns making Emma laugh. 💕

So fun and tastey, but good thing we only make these once a year! 😉

Auntie Jenna came over in the evening!  It's been so good seeing her while she's been home visiting.  She's such a sweet auntie and sister.

Oh how I love my rocking chair!  I love sitting here rocking and nursing my sweet little babe, but it's also such a cozy place to read books.

Clara is almost constantly crafting or coloring.  She made this for me and put both of our first initials on it.  So sweet. 😊

Friday, January 13, 2017

Santa + Jammy Cocoa Christmas

On December 22nd we took our littles to visit Santa for the first time!  Let me just tell you, the whole Santa thing has evolved in our home the past few years.  When we first had Clara we didn't think we wanted to do the whole Santa thing with our kids.  Our main reasoning was that we wanted to keep Christmas centered around Jesus' birth.  Well, as Clara and Davey got older they just picked up on knowing about Santa from our culture and started asking questions.  At first we would turn the questions around on them, asking what they thought.  Well finally last year when Clara had just turned 5 and Davey was 3, we decided to relax and not take the whole Santa thing so seriously and just have fun with it.  By then they were fully believing he was real anyway.  So last year they got Santa presents for the first time.  (And before that they were probably too young to realize they didn't get a Santa gift.  They had never said anything about it.)  Well this year was the first year they wanted to actually go visit Santa, sit on his lap, and tell him what they wanted for Christmas.

We put on our Christmas best and then went to go see Santa!

baby's first Christmas 💜

Santa insisted on all three of them sitting on his lap! 😊

Davey telling Santa he wanted an Imaginext Batbot.  It was so precious. 💙

Clara telling Santa she would like a castle for her princess dolls.  So sweet. 💕

Now I thought for sure Emma was going to do great since she is still so little and not really experiencing stranger danger or separation anxiety yet.  Well, I was wrong!  As soon as I handed her off she looked up at Santa and immediately did the whole classic bawling-baby-while-Santa-holds-them cry.  I did manage to get her calm for this brief shot, but she was not impressed.

After our special time with Santa we changed into our pajamas for our annual Jammy Cocoa Christmas tradition.  We piled back into the van, turned on Christmas music, grabbed some hot cocoa from Scooters, pulled out candy canes for the kids, and drove around looking at Christmas lights.

We LOVE Christmas around here and this was such a special night together!