Sunday, August 13, 2017

Life Lately

Another night of T-ball!  They only have one more week to go.

It's been so fun having Davey and his best buddy Brecken on the same team!

So happy to have the Anderson family home visiting from North Carolina!

Mamas' night out!  Love talking and laughing with these favorite life long friends!

We got to have Atika spend the night Thursday.  Loved getting this time with her before she had to go back to Florida.  She's a 5th grader tomorrow!  Crazy!

Batting without the T!

Cousin sleepover!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Summer Happenings

my little first baseman 💙

bike ride to the pool with my three favorites

Michael's company hosted a picnic at the Canaries game July 27th.  Our crew loves baseball!

Our sweet friend Melissa offered to take our kiddos so we could go on an 11th anniversary date.  We had the best time having supper on the patio at Bracco, getting ice cream at Stensland's and going for a walk along the river on the bike trail.

Davey came running up to me super excited and said he knew a great way to make money to help us buy a house... a lemonade stand!  How sweet can he be?!  So the next day we had a lemonade stand and they sold their whole pitcher of lemonade.  (Obviously we put their money in their piggy banks.)

Emma loves going down elephant slide at the pool!

Michael and I led preschool at church the Sunday before last.  I had to snap a picture of this adorable crew.

T-ball is life lately and we are loving it.

We cheered Daddy on for his last regular season game.

Clara playing pitcher

Emma loves all of these "babies."  She says "baby" in the sweetest little voice.

When I was staying with my sweet grandma a few months before she went home to be with the Lord, she asked me if I thought she was going to live to be 100.  I smiled and said, "I won't be surprised if you do."  She laughed and said, "I won't be either."  So wish we could celebrate with you today Grandma!  Happy 100th birthday!  We love and miss you so much!!!

The kids have been doing lots of mixing of various ingredients lately and having an absolute messy blast.  The first day I let them do this Davey said, "this is so much fun!" 😊

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Working' It Wednesdays: Back to School

Today I'm joining Shay and Erika for Working' it Wednesdays!  We're going to show you how we're getting geared up for back to school.

I love the fresh start the beginning of the school year brings!  I'm feeling reenergized, inspired and excited for all that this year has in store for my family.  I'm looking forward to the intentional time together growing, discovering, bonding, learning, creating, and playing that doing school at home allows.  Clara (age six) is a first grader this year.  David is four and we will be taking more of a play school approach with him.  And sweet baby Emma is one.

Clara and I had a little back to school shopping date on Monday evening and got the items from her supply list that we didn't already have on hand.  Love one-on-one time with my sweet girl!

Here's a peak into some of what we'll be spending our time on this school year...

Last school year Clara completed the kindergarten curriculum for My Father's World, and overall we really liked it.  We are going to continue with My Father's World this year for first grade as well.  Clara is so excited to start!  It was like Christmas as Clara and Davey checked out all of Clara's new curriculum.

We are also going to make our way through some Logic of English Foundations curriculum.  I think this is really going to help Clara.  So far all things math have come really easy for her, but reading has been more challenging.  (I'm so not worried about it though.  She'll get there and when she does I won't be surprised if she turns into a little bookworm knowing her.)

We got Clara a LeapReader pen and books a few months ago and both her and Davey LOVE it!  It will read the whole page to them, read one word at a time, or help them sound out each word.  There are also tons of activities and games.  And that bottom book has pages for practicing handwriting, too.  I'd definitely recommend these and have a feeling our collection of LeapReader books will grow with time!

This is a fun book of science experiments and activities that we will pull out from time to time.

I am also planning to incorporate some Spanish vocabulary this year as well.  I don't have any curriculum for this and will probably just end up using free resources online and checking out English/Spanish children's books from the library.

Saturday I was fortunate enough to spend the whole day participating in the Defender of Play Boot Camp.  It was led by Denita Dinger and Beth Wolff, two early childhood professionals who emphasize the importance of play.  I have friends whose kids attend Denita's local play school and summer camp and had heard wonderful things about her.  I was super excited to glean some wisdom from her and incorporate some of her methods at home.  The emphasis of the boot camp was on the incredible value of child led play and play based learning, and I definitely had a few *mind blown* moments that shifted my thoughts about play in a profound way.  Since Saturday I have been making my way through Denita and Beth's Embracing Play podcasts.  I'm feeling super inspired, empowered, and thankful for these little nuggets of wisdom.

I'm still working on organizing and prepping for the school year, but I'm definitely feeling excited and thankful for it all!

And just for fun, first day of school pictures the past two years...


Clara's first day of Classical Conversations!
September 14, 2015
I am FOUR years old
My favorite color is DARK PURPLE
My favorite things to do:
*helping mommy bake
*arts and crafts
*singing and dancing
*playing outside
When I grow up I want to be a CANDY MAKER

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Lewis and Clark

The weekend of July 21st we packed up and headed to Lewis and Clark to camp for the weekend with friends.  We stayed in a cabin right along the Missouri River.  We were about a half mile bike ride from our friends' campers, which wasn't a big deal.  The swimming beaches at Lewis and Clark are one million times nicer than the one at Newton Hills.  It was pretty hot so we spent much of the time in the water.

There was a great climbing tree right by our cabin.

our view from our cabin porch

After we settled into our cabin and ate lunch we biked over to join our friends for a swim.

All five families pitched in to rent a lily pad for the weekend.  It was a hit for sure.

The Van Roekels brought their kayaks and Davey and Clara loved trying them out.

Clara was a natural!  She was just zooming along right away.

These are the days...  I wish I could freeze time.

Davey and I got to go tubing and it was so much fun!  Thanks again Doug!  Then Davey and Michael joined the boys for a boat ride.

These three had fun at the park.  I probably gave them a hundred under dogs on the swings!

Campfire time!

The boys were playing with hot wheels.

That Saturday was our 11th wedding anniversary!

Lots more beach time this day!

Four of the five mamas.  Loved spending time with all of them!

Clara and Michael got to go tubing!

Then Daddy pulled these three around in the tube.

One more campfire!

Brenda and I were all showered up from the day.  Love sitting around the fire and talking.

We drove through Vermillion on the way home so we could visit my Grandma, Dad and half-brother Jesse.

Jesse loved holding and playing with Emma.

We also got to see my cousin Kevin and his family and my aunt Leslie.

And they all three slept the whole way home.  #winning

We have one more camping trip with some other friends yet this summer.  I may be a little camped out for awhile after that! 😉  It's fun though and Michael and the kids especially love it.