Sunday, June 24, 2018

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

The kiddos painted the pumpkins that they picked out at Pumpkin Festival.

This one had fun, but it was a little challenging to keep the paint out of her mouth!  We had a rag on standby.

Look at that masterpiece! :)

I could not pick between these two pictures.  What a dolly!

The next night we carved our big pumpkins and baked pumpkin seeds.  We are 2 days from MOVING DAY here, hence boxes everywhere!

So fun!  We love fall!

Birthdays, Women's Retreat & a Minnie Mouse Party

The kiddos and I brought uncle Jordan a donut for his birthday October 26th. :)

Emma trying to get herself some water... almost!

The morning of Michael's 40th birthday!  I gave him a binder full of messages from people from all across different seasons of his life.  It was pretty awesome.  I was headed to Inspiration Hills for the rest of the day for our church's women's retreat.

my sweet life group besties at the Women's Retreat

Clara loved Stella's "Minnie's Boutique" birthday party!  Big girls did their hair and nails. :)

I had to document the curls and nails!  So cute!!

Baby sister getting in on the fun!

These two love to read the children's Bible together. :)

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Michael's SURPRISE 40th Birthday Party!

I planned a surprise 40th birthday party for Michael at Good Earth State Park October 22nd and it was a blast!  There was a great turnout and I couldn't have pulled it all off without the help of some wonderful family and friends!!

Michael was completely surprised!  He had no idea.  I told him that we were having supper with some good friends, as we often do, who live near this state park.  Then last minute I told him I got a Norwex order from a customer who lives near these friends and I just needed to make a minor detour on the way to drop off her order.  When we pulled up to the surprise spot Michael noticed my brother Jordan standing in the road video taping.  Michael rolled down the window and asked him what he was doing out here and Jordan said he was just filming a vlog.  He's always vlogging, so Michael bought it and then I told Michael to park quick so we could talk to my brother for a minute.  Michael parked but was starting to get a little annoyed thinking this was going to make us late for supper with our friends.  When he got out of the van, about 60 friends, family and their kiddos started singing happy birthday from across the road.  Michael finally figured out what was going on!  Haha!  It was pretty great!  Here's the video clip of our arrival. :)

I think I have it set so it automatically plays in high quality, but if it doesn't you can click on YouTube on the video and change the quality to 1080p under the HD wheel.  You can also click on the full screen icon to make video bigger.

A few of the cute kiddos waiting for the birthday boy to arrive! :)

40 looks good on him!

Look at all of those beautiful people!  Thanks so much to everyone who came out to celebrate Michael!

Everyone contributed to a soup, bread and sides potluck and it was awesome!

Michael with 5 of my brothers and my cousin Tyler :)
I am so glad that my brother Jordan (middle) is in this picture!  It's the only picture he was in all night because he graciously played photographer/videographer for me all night and took 99% of the pictures.  He's the best!

Jessie & Ressa
I tried to snag a picture with everyone that night but definitely missed several.

Jess, Brandi & Matt

Gabby & Benj

The birthday boy with his gigantic cake!

I love this cake so much!  It was perfect for Michael!  He said he could just live there. ;)  So thankful for my wonderful aunt Teresa who picked up and transported the gigantic cake for me and then got all 40 candles on it when it was time.

Love those four so much!!!

Teresa & Mom
My mom was a huge help, too!  She got all of the coolers of drinks ready and brought all of the s'mores supplies and other party supplies for me.

Abigail, Paul, Emily & Jon

Karin, Seth, Sean & Mary

Doug and Brenda are another couple of heroes!  They provided the fire wood and came early to get the fire started.  One of Michael's favorite things to do is to sit around a fire, so that was my initial inspiration when thinking of where to host a surprise party for him.

My second mama Mary <3

Kevin, Teresa & Tyler

Uncle Jake always gets down on the floor (or ground, ha!) and plays with my kids.  He's the best uncle!

Heather, Haddie & Billy

Zachary & Jacob

one more with Grandma Ann

my Mom

One of my biggest party fails was not moving the box of s'mores supplies over to the fire pit area until well into the party.


Overall the party was a huge success!!!  Thanks again to everyone for making this night possible and for making Michael feel so loved!

I also really want to thank everyone who contributed a birthday message to Michael.  I was able to put together a huge binder of birthday messages for him to read on his birthday, including messages from some of the most special people across different seasons of Michael's whole life.  It will be a great keepsake to look back on.  Thank you so much!!