Monday, March 31, 2014

Grandparents & A Baby Shower

Michael's parents and sister came to Sioux Falls this weekend to shop for Emily's new house, so of course they came to see us, too.  Clara and Davey colored pictures for Grandpa and Grandma Ellingson this last week and after we mailed them Clara said, "Now we just have to wait for Grandma to come.  We have to wait till we see her red car."  She said this like, we mailed Grandma a card, so therefore she will come visit us.  And sure enough it worked as they came to visit last minute just a few days later.  Ha!  Now she's really going to think that's how it works. :)

Then Sunday evening I had the best time with my life group girls celebrating Abigail and Paul's baby and just hanging out.  Love these women so much!  I am so grateful that when we moved back to the Sioux Falls area we were able to just jump right back in with our old church and have an immediate community around us.

me, Sheena, Melissa, Emily, William, Rachel, Abigail, Noah, and Cherish 

Friday, March 28, 2014


Here are pictures from the past week and a half.  I'm sad I didn't take any pictures when we got together with Jillian, Cherish and our six kids last Wednesday.   We must have been having too much fun! :)

Play date with Amelia & Will last Monday!  Clara & Amelia played dress up.

They also loved dancing and marching to the music.

Baby Will is such a joy boy!

Finally playing outside!!

This girl is good at the rock wall.

Davey checking out Clara's trike.  I'm sure he will learn to ride it this summer once Clara has a bike!

Silly Daddy made them snowballs right when we got home from life group last Tuesday.

Davey is 18 months old!  He is so capable and smart but is still my little baby at the same time.  He's also quite dangerous to himself because he's not afraid of anything and loves to climb as high as he can get.  I came up with a list of all the words I can think of that he says at this point…  Mama, Dada, Sissy, cheese, juice, milk, no, uh oh, num num, ball, night night, baby, hot, tick tock, yay, yeah, woah, there he is; lots of animal sounds including meow, neh, roar, moo, and arf arf; and he signs "more" :)

Sunday we had a family movie date and watched Frozen!  Clara LOVED it and wants to watch it on repeat.  She loves all the music and has memorized several lines to many of the songs.  Just imagine her cute little voice singing, "Do you want to build a snowman?  Ride our bikes around the halls?"  So precious.

Davey, Clara, Amelia & Brecken

Wednesday we had friends over to grill.  Love these ladies!

the girls and their dollies

My beautiful baker wanted to make something, so we did.

And she wonders why I don't let her paint every time she wants to… ;)

And here are a few pictures of my precious babies sleeping over these past two weeks.  There is just something about watching them sleep that reminds me how little they really are and how grateful I am to be their mama.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Jenna's 1st visit home since moving to Colorado

My sister Jenna visited from Colorado this past week and lots of family fun ensued.  Monday we got together and grilled at Ben & Gabby's, Wednesday everyone came over to our place, and Thursday we spent the day at my Grandma Bisson's.  Then yesterday we celebrated my nephew Isaac's 3rd birthday.  So that's four family get togethers in one week! :)

Yay!  Hadn't seen my sister since Davey's 1st birthday party back in September.  You have to love her face tan.  She's working as a ski lift operator at a resort in Colorado, so her face is the only thing that sees the sun. :)

group picture at Ben & Gabby's Monday

Clara is just precious and loves her auntie and uncles.

Yep, that's my siblings. ;)

Davey was showing off his basketball skills for everyone.  Every time he'd catch the ball we'd all cheer and he would smile proudly.

Auntie Jenna!

group picture at our place Wednesday


Clara just loved Great Grandma Bisson's magnifying glass.

Davey and Clara sitting in Great Grandma's walker

We love playing cards (and Yahtzee) with Grandma.  She usually wins. ;)  We played Golf on Thursday.

one more picture with Jenna

We love our Grandma!


Davey playing the piano at Great Grandma's.  Clara and Davey had so much fun spending the day there.  We all did.  My Grandma's house is definitely one of my happy places.

Happy 3rd birthday Isaac!

Gabby and Benj with their 3 year old!

Love that little face.  Hilarious!