Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mini Golf and Grandma's 98th Birthday

Finally!  I'm finally getting around to attempting to catch up on pictures.  I'm almost 3 months behind (wahh!), so these pictures are from August 3rd through the 6th.  My brother and niece were visiting from Florida and we got to celebrate my Grandma's 98th birthday with her. :)

mini golf at Thunder Road

Clara's little sassy face and pose in this picture cracks me up!

gotta love the technique

Their favorite hole dropped the ball into a stream and then came out on the lower green.


Uncle Daniel saving the day

my brothers :)

my sweet niece Atika

hahaha oh yeah!


bumper boats

speed racers

cutie uncle Zach

great night with family

decorating crowns

I love Davey's face here, watching the puppet show at the Outdoor Campus

their underground animals

We visited Great-Grandma Bisson the day before her 98th birthday because we didn't think we could make it to her birthday dinner the next evening.  We ended up being able to make it though, so we were extra spoiled with precious Grandma time.

Found this in the paper! <3

I love how Davey has his arm wrapped around Grandma's arm.  They both just LOVE Great-Grandma and love visiting her home.  I cannot explain how happy that makes my heart.  Some of my best, most cherished memories are in that home visiting my loving grandparents and I just love that my sweet babies get to experience visiting my Grandma's house as well.

giving Great-Grandma her birthday cards

We stopped by the Palisades on the way home to visit these campers.

I love this picture of these two.  They both look at life with so much wonder.

Grandma's 98th birthday!  I am so grateful to still have my Grandma with us.  She is so precious to me and if I had it my way she'd live till I was 98.  What a beauty.

cousins playing duck, duck, goose

singing happy birthday :)

cutie cousins Kierstyn & Clara