Monday, July 28, 2014

Clara's 1st swimming lessons

Clara completed her first session of swimming lessons the last week of June and the first week of July.  She already loved going swimming, but is even more brave and comfortable in the water after these two weeks were over.  She was always the first one in the water and did great listening to her teacher Paul (who was so good with the kids).

Clara after her first day of swimming lessons :)

my sunshine

They even had swimming lessons on a really cold morning.

back floats

front floats and blowing bubbles

She loves going down the elephant slide.

She was even kicking her feet while she swam the last day!

Clara passed Toddler level!  Such a big girl!

Here is a highlight video of her swimming lessons. :)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

4th of July in Britton

We spent 4th of July weekend visiting the Ellingson side of our family in Britton.  We rode a golf cart (ha!), did fireworks at Steve & Shelly's with cousins, went to Lake City's Centennial and to Roy Lake.  It was a nice weekend!

such sweet friends - Amelia & Clara July 3rd

What better way to celebrate than with red, white and blue dessert?!

Grandpa borrowed a golf cart to ride around in.  Davey especially was thoroughly entertained by this.

Jumping on the trampoline over at Steve & Shelly's on the 4th.

Lily and Davey sharing snaps.  They are only three days apart in age. :)

Clara, Davey and Jaxon

Lake City's Centennial parade

Clara and Grandma

Swimming at Roy Lake

fun auntie Em

Clara showing off her swimming lesson skills.

Davey napped under a tree.  It's a rough life. ;)

Clara and Jaxon were best little buddies.  He was so sweet to her.

Grandpa & David

Davey giving Great-grandma Kann kisses. :)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Arise campout weekend

We spent the weekend of June 27th at the annual Arise campout at Inspiration Hills.  This was our first camping experience in a tent since having babies.  Overall it went really well, especially considering we were the only tent to brave the rainy forecast.  Everyone else that ended up staying the night had RVs or a cabin. :)

such a fun, new adventure

My boy could swing for days.

Shaya, Kaleb & Jace - adorable!

It's so cute when they slide together!

Josiah and Cali :)

Matthew, what a cutie!

Look at my big boy!

Hmm... there's something not quite right about this picture... ;)

Doug getting his money's worth!

We spent Sunday evening over at the David's :)

my little sunshines

the boys watching baseball and eating their popcorn :)