Tuesday, August 19, 2014

bikes, zoo, baseball & a wedding

What says summer more than bike riding, visiting the zoo, baseball games and attending a wedding?  I'm finally playing catch up on the past month and a half.  These pictures are from the first half of July.

This is what happens when you have a big sister...

The next day Clara asked David if he wanted to wear her extra sunhat.  He said yes. :)

Then a few days later they came out of Clara's room like this. :)

Reminds me of another little girl...  My brothers are lucky I finally got a sister that next year! ;)

We got Clara her first bike towards the beginning of July!  It was an exciting day!

We got Davey a strider too!  He loves it.  That day he was saying "please...bike."

We went to the zoo with our buddy Noah.

Noah got to pet a camel!

feeding the ducks

more bike riding fun

Atika loved Clara's new bike, too.

at the park

Grandma Ann & Clara

checking out the buffalo near their dads' baseball games

watching Daddy play

Davey can't wait to get on the field himself!

a little video of my boys playing catch

Michael and Keith were childhood best friends and their teams played each other this night.  Love living near the Kinsley's again.

I mean, look at them!  My sweet cousin Tyler married his high school sweetheart Colette!  Love them both!

Loved getting some time with my hubby thanks to our amazing friends Brandi & Matt as well as Brenda & Doug for taking care of our kiddos that day!

my grandma and her 13 kids

my beautiful niece Atika


with my brothers

Tyler danced with our 97 year old Grandma to the her and Grandpa's wedding song "South of the Border."  It was the sweetest thing!!!

a video of the end of their dance - love it!

Tyler & me

While looking back for that picture of my brothers and me in dresses I found this one, too.  That's Tyler, Tanner, and me about 24 years ago!

Tyler & Jordan

my mom & grandma

watching Winnie the Pooh while holding her Pooh from uncle Billy

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