Sunday, September 11, 2016

Kindergarten + Family Festival

Emma's first try at taking a bottle.  She wasn't impressed. ;)

Clara's first day of Kindergarten was September 6th!  We were both so excited to officially start homeschooling.  We had a fantastic week.  Both today and yesterday she keeps asking to do more kindergarten.  She didn't want to take the weekend off! haha  It's amazing how much she has learned already.

Davey's first day of preschool!  He's doing great as well.  Little sponges!

My heart may just burst!

Look at both of them with their ankles crossed!  They couldn't be more adorable.  Clara and Davey often call Emma "smoochy" and "joyful."

I know it won't be all sunshine and roses, but I'm so excited and thankful to be able to homeschool these precious ones and spend all of this time together.

She's always mesmerized with the leaves on the trees.

Clara's first day of dance class for the year!  She is taking ballet and hip hop.  So so cute!

Mamas night out with my favorites!  I love laughing with my lifelong friends!

the April triplets - Allie, Emma, and Jonah <3

playing at the Murrays

Parker looks so much like his mama here!

Uncle Jordan stopped by Friday! :)  He's off for Southeast Asia for the next 3 months!  I can't wait to follow along on his vlog!

Family Festival at the Country Apple Orchard

my besties and our TEN kiddos

Emma greets everyone with a big smile!

Ariel is Clara's favorite princess!

Love this crew!

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