Sunday, February 8, 2015

Life Lately: February Week 1

We went to a fun Superbowl party at the Christoffer's last Sunday.  The "big" girls love baby Natalie!

sweeties Clara & Afton <3

Davey & Noah :)

handsome times two!

Clara was bouncing David on her knee to the music Tuesday morning.  What's even funnier is Davey was wearing a pair of Clara's old pajamas because of all his were in the dirty laundry. :)

Daddy met us at the Butterfly House on his lunch break Tuesday.  The dome inside the fish tank is pretty neat!

checking out the turtles

There were several quails running around in the butterfly atrium.  Clara named one of them Star and followed it around the whole time we were in there. haha :)

We've made lots of peanut butter cookies lately.  Of course my little baker wants to be right in the baking action.  I love it.

We took the kids to Cold Stone Saturday to use Michael's gift card he got for being awesome at his job. ;)

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