Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Start of Summer

I'm finally getting a chance to sit down and catch up on these past few weeks.  I updated my computer's operating system a couple weeks ago and it did away with iPhoto and replaced it with the Photos application.  I then couldn't access my pictures till I transferred my iPhoto library over to the new Photos app and my hard drive didn't have enough space to do so.  We had been having problems with our back up external hard drive so we finally got that exchanged for one that works better with Macs and was then able to free up some space on the computer.  Exciting stuff, I know, but it got me behind on pictures and then this past week Michael was out of town for work and the kids and I were BUSY!  So all that to say, grab a snack and relax; I have a lot of pictures to catch up on! :)

The kids love to snuggle up in our bed and watch a movie. :)

We had a play date at the Bartz house May 27th.  They are so sweet together and had a great time playing in the backyard.

First time swimming this summer!  David went down the elephant slide about 100 times.

Davey is a little fish!  He didn't waste any time getting comfortable with the water and jumped to Daddy in the deep end over and over and over.

He's just precious.  He melts my heart.

YAY!!!  We loved getting to finally meet Isaac and Caleb for a play date at the park.  Love the Chase family!

picnic lunch with friends

my sweet Moms in Prayer partners Katie & Mary

Michael and I went to a Maximized Living event and got to hear BJ Hardick speak.

These two.  Love them to pieces!

my little princess singing Frozen songs on her karaoke machine

having fun with the glow sticks Grandma and Grandpa E. gave them

Our small group came over to grill out June 2nd.  This is all of our sweet kiddos!

The Storytellers (just missing Tim M.)

David and these two blonde beauties Natalie & Stella

having fun doing some preschool

Davey has been carrying around Clara's baby these past few weeks and taking such good care of her.  It's so sweet.  When we tell him that he'll be such a good daddy he says, "No, I'm a mama." ;) haha

more pool time

warming up

Davey got his baby up from her nap when we got back from the pool and said she wanted some milky. hehehe

Clara wanted to stop at Kidtopia to check on the Calico Critters house she's been eyeing. :)

We finally made it to one of Daddy's softball games last Thursday. :)  So fun!

"Go Daddy!  Go Daddy!" :)  The guys have the best cheering section.

Having fun at the softball game!

She's a natural.  Look at her cross her one hand over top the other while she's playing. ;)

Davey and his baby

We went to Brecken's 3rd birthday party last Saturday! :)

I got to meet 1 day old Jack Fedders!  He's soo sweet!

Mary's surprise birthday dinner at A Taste of the Big Apple

Love her!

swimming in the bathtub ;)

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