Sunday, June 14, 2015

Omaha Girls and Kiddos Trip

Three of my best friends from high school and I packed up our six (soon to be seven) kiddos and met in Omaha, NE on Monday.  We had the best time at Stinson Park, Coco Key Water Resort and the Omaha Zoo!  Although, a highlight for us mamas was staying up late Monday night chatting after all the little ones were asleep.  We've now planned to take an annual trip together and as much fun as we had with our kiddos, dream of one day it just being a girls trip! ;)

Jess and I are the lucky ones who live by each other so we got to carpool. :)

Clara and Amelia in the way back loved getting to ride by each other.

We met at Stinson Park for a picnic lunch and to let the kids play.  Love my little super hero.

Renae brought bubbles and they were a huge hit!

How sweet is little Ellie?!

~all of our little loves~
Davey, Ellie, Will, Amelia, Clara & Parker

The "big" kids made fast friends with the other kids at the park. :)

Coco Keys is so much fun!  We had a blast!  They have a really good toddler area and my kiddos loved the lazy river as well as the big splash area.  The non-pregnant mamas even took turns going down the big slides. :)

Parker & Keira

These cuties are less than two weeks apart in age.

Davey LOVED the slides.  He went down this one over and over and would shout "cowabunga!" on his way down. haha

my sweet girl

Just for fun, here's Michael almost 3 years before to the day with Clara under these same fountains the first and last time we were at Coco Keys in Omaha. :)

These little beauties had almost the exact same purple ballerina swimsuits on. :)

snack time

I had so much fun with them!

Will, Jessica & Amelia

Clara took a lot longer to warm up to it than her brother, but she eventually braved the slides on her own.

the whole crew at the Omaha Zoo Tuesday :)

my little monkey

The flash makes it hard to see, but we're in a cave here with a waterfall behind them.

the aquarium

watching the sea lion feeding

a very cooperative monkey posing with Clara :)

The big gorillas are so fascinating to watch.

such sweet girls <3

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