Monday, August 17, 2015

Swimming Lessons 2015

Clara and Davey took swimming lessons together at our town pool July 6th through the 17th.  It was soooo nice to have them both in swimming lessons this year and to just be able to sit back and watch.  Last year when Davey was too young for lessons I was constantly chasing him around while I was wanting to be watching my tiny girl swim.  So yes, it was so nice to have them both in lessons together this year.  When I told David that him and Clara were about to start swimming lessons the first thing he asked was if he was going to get to go down the yellow slides. ;)  You have to be 48 inches to go down those big slides, but he was hoping that since he was big enough for swimming lessons he was big enough for the yellow slides.  My brave little fish!

After the first day of swimming lessons!  It was so cold that day.  They were troopers.

We played at the park most days after swimming lessons.  Team work. ;)

I think they enjoyed their teachers. ;)

Melt. My. Heart.  I love these little best friends.

playing some cute little game together

Davey just wanted to swing for 95% of the time we were are the park those two weeks.

They passed! ;)

A few other pictures from those two weeks...

Morning snuggles with these two are my favorite!

We had a little baby shower for Emily and baby Paulsen!  Love these ladies!

The kids had by far their most successful dentist appointments to date.  They both did so good. :)

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