Saturday, June 4, 2016

Meeting Great-Grandma

sweet sleep smiles

We took Emma to meet Great-Grandma when she was 12 days old.  Such a special moment!
*Margaret Emma & Emma Joy*

4 generations

Clara showing off Emma's little hands and feet :)

so precious

my cousin Melissa :)

cousins Davey and Gracen :)

I can't think of anything better than a tiny baby sleeping on my chest.

Emma loves bath time.

sleeping with her little hand like this :)

such a proud, loving big brother

Emma meeting her bestie Allie :)
The girls were born only 11 days apart.

sweet Jessica brought us lunch and came to meet Emma

Davey enjoying his new-to-him bike.  Thanks again Van Beeks!

our first walk/bike ride with Emma Joy

I couldn't love her more...

someone loves having her very own baby sister

beautiful Brandi came to visit and meet Emma :)

He still loves to swing!

watching her mobile

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