Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mother's Day & 1 Month Old

I woke up to all this goodness on Mother's Day. :)  Clara picked out this gigantic butterfly balloon for me.

Our sweet baby girl was almost 3 weeks old that day.

This picture is kind of funny looking, but it's the top of Emma's head and her arm.  I was trying to capture her little arm roll.  I love squishy babies! ;)

My THREE babies!  So thankful to be their mama!

our windy picnic at the park

This boy has always LOVED to swing!

Hehe our tiny baby riding Clara's horse Snowflake :)

I'll never get over it.  There is nothing better than a sweet baby sleeping on your chest.

We made uncle Billy's birthday party a pajama party. :)

cousin Haddie

I'm just getting into baby wearing this time around. :)

My amazing friend Katie and her two girls came to meet Emma!  They blessed us with a delicious meal and a gigantic box of diapers. :)

sweet Lily & Hayley

Emily stopped by with food, too!  I mean, thoughtful friends are the best!

Shannon's high school graduation reception
I've known this sweet girl since she was ONE!

Mary meeting Emma <3

The kids loved the photo booth and totally "got it."  So fun!

sweet sisters
Clara wants to hold Emma all the time!

4 weeks old
I had to get a picture of Emma in this adorable onesie that we got from Michael's cousin Angela when Clara was a baby.

Davey's awesome work of art :)

1 month old <3

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