Saturday, October 1, 2016


On August 10th I got a sweet email from my favorite blog friend Shay.  She said her publisher was going to send me an advanced copy of her newest cookbook Eats!  I may have squealed while reading her email, and then I may have squealed again when I received the package in the mail a week and a half later.

The packaging was so happy and they included real maple syrup and rolled oats.  Day made!

I have read Shay's blog every day for almost four years!  I just adore her and she truly feels like a good friend at this point.  She makes me want to move to McKinney, Texas and be her real life bestie.  Her blog is my favorite!  I love living vicariously through her with her frequent world travels, reading about her adorable family and their experiences with adoption, and getting all sorts of inspiration from her ranging from faith to fashion.  She's actually the one who inspired me to start my own blog.  Shay and I share a love of all things Michael Bublé, fall, and Christmas.  Hey Shay, let's meet up at a Michael Bublé concert in 2017!  Or go to the taping of his Christmas special!  Or both!! ;)

I have been using Shay's, aka Mix and Match Mama's, recipes from her website since long before she was an official cookbook author.  Her recipes make up probably half of my family's go-to meals.  They are so easy and delicious and everyone in my family loves them!

First of all, Eats is gorgeous!  The first thing I did was flip through each page to look at all of the pictures.  There is a picture beside each recipe, which I love!  Then I went back and read the cookbook almost like a book.  The "tips and tricks" section is so helpful and I love that Shay wrote a personalized little blurb above each recipe.  Eats is broken up by month and includes breakfasts, dinners, and desserts for each month.  I love this because it will help me cook and bake seasonally.  My family (including my kiddos!) have loved everything we've tried so far.  My hubby and I are excited to cook through the rest of this cookbook throughout the coming year, Julie & Julia style.  Eats hit bookstores today, October 1st!

I just included this picture because how cute is Shay's family?!  They actually just brought their fourth child home from China last month.  If you've ever thought about adopting, she has so many amazing, encouraging posts about their experience.

I also have Shay's first two cookbooks Meal Planner and Cakes which I love as well.  These two are smaller whereas Eats is full-sized.

Thank you Shay and Harvest House Publishers for sending me an advanced copy of Eats!  They in no way asked me to write a review or anything, but I just wanted to because I love Shay and I love Eats! :)


  1. Angela! Thank you so much! Wow! I'm so blessed to be a part of your kitchen. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. xo

    1. Shay, you are so welcome! And I should be the one thanking you since you basically took care of my meal plan for the week: baked burritos, maple crusted chicken + a salad, tex-mex chicken and rice soup, and sausage tortellini bake! :)