Saturday, December 3, 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Clara and Davey love making little forts and cozy nooks for Emma. :)

just nibbling on a cucumber

This is pretty much how our whole family felt when Daddy fixed all the lights on our Christmas tree and we could decorate it!!!

Emma's turn. <3

Clara announced that since she put the star on top of the tree last year that it was Davey's turn. #sosweet

Love our tree!  I creates such a cozy atmosphere.  Now we just need a fireplace!!

This sweet baby waves all the time!  She starts waving on her own, she waves when we say hi to her, she waves when we wave at her...  It's pretty much the sweetest thing.

My JOY baby!  She literally smiles the second she wakes up in the morning.  How much better would our days start if we all did that? :)

Oh you know, just sitting all the way up in her baby swing.  Good thing she's buckled in!  Might be time to retire the swing.

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