Sunday, September 10, 2017

Last T-ball Games

Clara drew these pictures for Michael and me.  So sweet!  The top one is Daddy and her and the bottom one is me and her.

We met Keira and her kiddos at the park back on August 14th.  Clara and Davey both conquered the monkey bars for the first time that day!

Down the little slide by herself!

Clara is the best big sister ever!

Where did my baby go?  Look at Clara on the very top!

picnic lunch with friends

This sweet one loves riding her pony.  She could only go backwards at first, but recently figured out how to get moving forward.

Davey's last T-ball game of the season!

getting his medal from coach Daddy

Grandma Ann and uncle Zachary came for his last game!


Sweet boy watching the rain.  I can't remember if it was this day or another day a few weeks ago, but he was by the window singing "rain, rain go away..."

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Clara's last T-ball game!

The cutest fan cheering for her sister!

She got her medal!

Keira and I had a playdate at Jessie's.  Three adorable one-year-olds!

sweet baby Angus 💕

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