Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Park Time

Play date at the park with our Bisson cousins and the Van Roekels!

My brother's son is named Isaac, so Davey's 1st cousin.  Then my cousin's little guy is named Isaac, so Davey's 2nd cousin.  Then Char's youngest is named Isaac, so I think Davey thinks that because he's about his age and his name is Isaac he must be his cousin.  Davey refers to these three boys as his "three cousin Isaacs." 😂

This baby is a climber!

Grandma Ann told Clara to go pick out a backpack for back to school and she would buy it for her.  She was one happy little girl!  Thanks again Mom!

My kiddos love when Cali and Cohen come to play!

Clara's 1st soccer practice!  She is loving soccer so far and is learning so much from her awesome coach!

So for the past 4 weeks while Clara has been practicing soccer, the three of us play at the nearby park.

Emma loves to be silly!

Go Emma go!

I love checking on this sleeping beauty before I head to bed.  She's always snuggled up with a friend.

We walked/biked to the park and played soccer this day.

Getting ready for bed!  We have been reading so many books lately.  Love.

There's no place I'd rather be.

We had a play date with the Bartz family and then headed to the museum to meet Jessie, Miriam and Angus August 30th.

We've loved meeting Billy, Heather and Haddie at the park during Clara's soccer practices (right by their house) the past few weeks.  Love my little niece!!  She is talking up a storm.  "C'mon Emma" is my favorite.

This one is always crafting!

Be still my heart.

Grandma and Grandpa Ellingson came to visit for the day September 3rd!

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