Thursday, May 22, 2014

bouncy fun & friends

This past Sunday our church had a meal and bounce house fun after the service.  I started taking pictures of my cuties going down one of the slides, but then couldn't help snapping some pictures of the other kids as well.  They were all having a blast!



beautiful Sydney

Sam :)

Kera, Macie and all their gorgeous hair

sweet Noah <3

Isaac & Aaron

Sweet Cali came over to play.  I kid you not, I was in the kitchen cleaning and I look up and they're all sitting in a row looking at books.  What handfuls! ;)

Clara playing self titled "Pillow Day"

This cracks me up because although Cali is only a month younger than David, she has to weigh several pounds less.  She was pushing him around though!

Clara was too busy reading for peek-a-boo. :)

We took this picture to text to Grandma and Grandpa E. and Ben and Gabby on their shared anniversary.

Cousin Isaac came to play on Monday!

This was yesterday morning.  They were just laying there like that for awhile. :)

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