Monday, May 19, 2014

Michael's graduation and other fun

Clara loves ducks.  She has a little stuffed duck appropriately named "Ducky" that rarely left her side for a couple of years.  She's also told me a couple times lately that she's a duck, Davey's a hippo, and Michael and I are giraffes. :)  So obviously it was exciting to see a mama duck and her 10 ducklings at the zoo on May 6th.

my little milk maid

The bear was posing for us.

About to bake some celebration apple crisp while Daddy finishes his last final ever!

No-more-homework celebration supper!

Sissy and her buddy boy

Clara drew a sunshine!  This is the first thing she's drawn besides a stick person once.

Oh the cuteness!  At Daddy's graduation!  Michael's parents and sister met us in Madison to watch Michael graduate from college.  It meant a lot to us that they made the trip.

My handsome graduate!  So proud of my hubby!  He graduated from Dakota State University with a Bachelors in Computer and Network Security with a specialty in Information Assurance on May 10th!  We are beyond thrilled that he is done with school and excited to see what doors God opens for him now that he has his degree.

After graduation we had lunch with Michael's family, played at the park and then headed over to the Van Beek's to play in their awesome backyard.  We finished the night with grilling at my brother Billy's.

Matthew and Davey

Clara and Rob

This picture is so funny because it almost looks like Camille is about to land on Davey, when in reality she's bouncing behind him.

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