Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mother's Day & lots of favorites

This is what I woke up to on Mother's Day!  Love my sweet ones.  After church, we went out to lunch with my cousin Andrew and his wonderful family.  Michael and I watched Saving Mr. Banks while the kids napped (which totally makes me want to watch Mary Poppins!).  We played at the park and Michael made us lasagna (one of my faves) for supper.  It was such a nice day!

Tulips are my favorite.

My kids (read: my hubby ;p) know me so well!  Two of my favorites - Michael Buble and Reese's!

My girl picked me flowers. ;)

I couldn't be more blessed or grateful to be their mama!

It is so funny and amazing to see Davey scaling the rock wall with little to no help.

watching the rain and snuggling <3

I love when I find them playing so nice together.

Snuggles with Daddy before work.  Clara loves her daddy so much.  The day before this she was talking about him coming home from work and she said, "I'm going to kiss him!"  I'm so grateful to have a front row seat to their love story.

water play

Did you know there is such a thing as cookie dough frosting?!  It would have been better if I never found out about that.  Thanks a lot, Cherish! ;)

This is random, but this boy LOVES helping unload the dishwasher.  My video camera automatically takes pictures when people smile and it caught this.  I was taping him for a few seconds because he makes the cutest sound every time he hands me a dish.

About to choo choo down the slide!  You wouldn't know it's May judging by our coats and hats!

It was so nice to see my friend Bryan when he came to visit last week.  It had been way too long!

My favorites.

Noah came to play!

Canaries game!  Michael got free tickets. :)

Clara giving the canary five!

Davey watching his first fireworks show after the game.

The curls are back!  We spent part of the day Saturday visiting my sweet Grandma and aunt Joan.  My favorite place it the world is my Grandma's house.  I have so many happy memories there and my Grandma has such a loving, peaceful presence.  I just feel like I've come home whenever I go there and I just will the time to stop because I never want to leave.  We played several hands of Golf; of course Grandma won!

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