Friday, July 4, 2014


I am finally taking the time to post pictures of our trip to Montana June 10-16 for Jessie & Ressa's wedding!  We had the best time and wish we could do it all again.  Thankfully Clara and Davey did so well in the car.  We took our time on the way there and enjoyed the journey.  They were in heaven spending three days on a Montana ranch with endless room to run and things to explore.  The wedding itself was so beautiful and perfect and it meant so much to me to be there to see Jessie get married.  So happy for beautiful couple and honored to have been able to celebrate with them!

Just a warning, you may want to grab a snack and something to drink because this post is loooong.  Lots and lots of pictures- surprise, surprise! ;)

All clean and ready for our trip!

"David, where's your smile?"  Oh, he melts me.

Our first rest stop overlooked the Missouri River.

We stopped at Wall Drug.

We are heading West!

Michael and his cousin Jordan

We visited the Cecil's in Rapid City. :)

The view from Big Sky Lodge where we stayed our first night.

Mt. Rushmore

This was the best picture I could get of these two.  David was not amused.

So I got a cute one of Clara by herself. :)

We made it to Montana!  The view from Jessie and Ressa's ranch where we spent the next three days.

checking out the tepee

hanging out with Angus

So good to see my childhood best friend Jessie!!  We were thrilled to be able to make it for her wedding festivities!

Loved seeing Thom and Chelsea!

David and his best bud Huckleberry

Clara is standing on Ressa's dad's house's roof right here.  Yep, grass on the roof!

Meghan!!  Reunited with another childhood friend.

And the sweet and talented Alisha!  She was the photographer for Thursday and Friday and did amazing.  Can't wait to see all of Jessie's pictures sometime.

my silly boy

Jessie and her adorable niece Claudia

The wagon provided hours of entertainment!

Thom trying some bones on for size.

playing, playing, playing

Ready for the rehearsal dinner!

Jessie's sweet dad Andrew

The cutest cowgirl and cowboy I've ever seen.

my handsome guys

Davey checking out what the caterers are up to.

Thanks to Alisha for snapping some adorable pictures of my babes!

Love my hubby.

Yes, we know, we're nerds.

hanging out in the tepee

At the wedding! :)

Seriously, the cuteness...

Mr. & Mrs. Charter!!!

Sandy was like a second mom to me growing up.  Love her!

Michael and I wish Meghan and Matt lived closer to us.  They are so sweet and fun to be around.


Clara and Davey boogied the night away!


Love you Chelsea!

LOVE the Soye family!

Singing Bruno Mars - Marry You.  Seriously good stuff. :)

Happy Father's Day Daddy!  We spent the day relaxing at the hotel.

Love my sweet girl!

Driving through Wyoming on the way home.  What a wonderful week!

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