Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tea Pot Days 2014

I'm playing a little catch up for this past month.  Although we've been to Tea Pot Days in the past, it was especially fun this year since we live in Tea now.  My littlest brother Zachary and my niece Atika came to stay with us and enjoy the festivities.

I rode my bike to the carnival June 19th where Michael met us after work for corn dogs and a few rides.

Clara wanted to ride the ferris wheel!  Brave girl.

Happy 11th birthday Zachary!

at the carnival

Atika won. ;)

Davey loved riding the helicopter!

four of my favorites

Pool time!

Love those cute splashers!

Atika went down the slide about 100 times. ;)

jumping to Daddy over and over :)

Tea Pot Days Parade

Happy birthday Sam!

tattoos at the craft fair

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