Sunday, July 20, 2014

4th of July in Britton

We spent 4th of July weekend visiting the Ellingson side of our family in Britton.  We rode a golf cart (ha!), did fireworks at Steve & Shelly's with cousins, went to Lake City's Centennial and to Roy Lake.  It was a nice weekend!

such sweet friends - Amelia & Clara July 3rd

What better way to celebrate than with red, white and blue dessert?!

Grandpa borrowed a golf cart to ride around in.  Davey especially was thoroughly entertained by this.

Jumping on the trampoline over at Steve & Shelly's on the 4th.

Lily and Davey sharing snaps.  They are only three days apart in age. :)

Clara, Davey and Jaxon

Lake City's Centennial parade

Clara and Grandma

Swimming at Roy Lake

fun auntie Em

Clara showing off her swimming lesson skills.

Davey napped under a tree.  It's a rough life. ;)

Clara and Jaxon were best little buddies.  He was so sweet to her.

Grandpa & David

Davey giving Great-grandma Kann kisses. :)

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