Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Life Lately

The kids painting last Monday.  We've been making our own cards lately and always paint some additional pages just for fun.  They love seeing what happens when they mix different colors.

Tuesday night I was busy working but Michael said I needed to come out on the deck for just a second.  This precious little boy is such a natural.  Michael and Davey started practicing lately and he's already hitting and throwing so well and has a BIG smile on his face just about the whole time.  I'm so looking forward to his baseball games as he grows.  Maybe starting next summer?  Not sure how old he has to be.

Look at him watch the ball.  He got a piece of this one and he's still watching it fly off the bat.  I can definitely see Michael coaching his future teams!

This little bear. :)  Our friend Brenda passed down some clothes and this cute little costume.  Of course the kids love it!  Although Clara insists it's a puppy. ;)

How sweet are these two?!  Thursday the kids and I helped celebrate our friend Paul's 30th birthday!  Michael was so bummed to miss it but he had a softball game.

The kids play with play doh every. single. day.  We got some new play doh sets when they were on sale last week.  Hours of fun!

I text this picture to Michael so he could see all the fun.

Friday the kids and I walked to get donuts, to the post office and to our city park and spent three hours outside enjoying the sun.  We had a great time!

Clara has been pretty timid on her bike so far.  That is till about a week ago and now she zooms around like nobody's business!

Love these two boys so much!

She is so much into her bike now that she randomly wears her helmet around the house. :)

We met the Davids at the park Saturday.  Loved getting to hold baby Riggs!  These two are the cutest.

Monday morning we visited my sweet, loving Grandma for a few hours.  She was doing well, but tired from her fun Sunday at a polka concert/dance.  Of course that's how she spent her Sunday.  She'll only be 98 this summer! :)  LOVE HER SO!

Everyone loves Great-Grandma's house.

We stopped by to hug Jenna quick.  She was fixing her car herself (so impressive!) and is on her way to Colorado today!  We'll miss her!

We spent yesterday evening with our sweet friends, the Kinsleys.  Need to get Kollette in a picture next time!

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