Sunday, April 17, 2016

Kid & Family Dates

We've had some special kid dates and family dates this week while we've been waiting for baby sister to arrive. :)  We've loved being a family of 4, but we are so excited to be a party of 5 so soon!

Tuesday night Davey and Daddy went to Buffalo Wild Wings. :)

They stopped for some jelly bellies.

And then headed to Sertoma Park for lots of playing!

He was sleeping at 7:30 when they got home and slept through the night. :)  Definite sign of a good time!

Wednesday this beauty had her dance pictures.  She looked sooo adorable!

I had her redo her individual pose for me.  Precious!!!

All the girls had fun while waiting for their group picture.

Clara and her dance bestie Ainsley.  Clara was over pictures at this point...

...And more interested in this!

Afterwards we stopped at Cherry Berry and headed to Sertoma Park!

Then we headed to Scheels for supper, a little shopping and bowling. :)  We almost rode the ferris wheel but someone changed her mind at the last second. ;)

I love the kids' reactions when they knock down any pins. :)

Thursday Davey and I went to some appointments and had some special one-on-one time.  We went to Sertoma Park in between his haircut and baby girl's appointment.

He loves exploring the trails!

For some reason his face in this picture makes me think of my brother Billy when he was a little guy. :)

I love when my littles want to hold hands while we walk.  #staylittleplease

We went to Barnes and Noble and ran into my old friend Jen and her little Evan.  Davey and Evan are only a few days apart in age. :)

a blueberry muffin and a strawberry banana smoothie and this guy is a happy camper

Thursday evening Michael and Clara went on a date to Applebees. :)

She was feeling super silly and soaking up all of Daddy's attention.

They stopped at Toys R Us.

Then they headed to Tuthill Park!

Friday after Michael got off work we went to town for a few errands and some fun.  We had supper at Scheels and the boys rode the ferris wheel. :)

Then we went bowling!  I think it had been over two years since we've been bowling at an actual bowling alley.  (The kids have had some fun at Scheels!)  Almost 40 weeks pregnant and bowling!  Fun fact: I went into labor with Clara an hour after bowling at my brother Ben's birthday party. ;)  That may or may not have encouraged this game of bowling. ;)

Every time he'd push the the ball down the ramp Davey would do a preemptive two-fists-in-the-air celebration.

Oh yeah, oh yeah!  I knocked some pins down! ;)

Not too shabby for almost 40 weeks pregnant. ;)

Yesterday morning I stopped over to Jessica's for some quick baby Allie snuggles.  Hoping her bestie in my belly makes her debut soon! :)

Clara and Davey eating their lunch outside yesterday since they didn't want to come inside. ;)  Ahh, sunshine!

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