Monday, May 9, 2016

Emma's First Days

getting settled into our postpartum room...  only a few hours old

first bath

Clara and David were so excited to meet their baby sister!  Such a special moment!

It was love at first sight for big sister Clara!

checking out our view :)

all 5 of us :)

Davey came back for a second look.  He was excited to meet his baby sister but also told me, "I'm still little" in case I forgot that he's still my baby, too.  Sweet boy.

my two littlest babies

So thankful my awesome brother Jordan came to take pictures of Clara and David meeting Emma.  He's the best!

getting busy with their activity bag we brought to the hospital

Like Clara's shirt says, oh happy day! :)

David is saying, "tickle, tickle, tickle." ;)

Emma's first morning

Daddy and his girls

my cousin Laura came to visit :)

riding the bed :)

my aunt Teresa :)

sweet Cherish

love that Jessie and Miriam came to meet Emma

Jessie brought flowers :)

 Grandma Ann

uncle Jacob

uncle Zachary

going home!

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