Monday, May 16, 2016

My Three Sweeties & Visitors

Clara wants to hold Emma every morning as soon as she wakes up. :)

They were so excited to "help" with Emma's bath.

They are both so sweet and gentle with her.

first time in the swing ~ 6 days old

Clara and her dollies.  When Clara got a doll for Christmas a year and a half ago, she said, "but I wanted a real baby." ;)  Well, now she has one!  Emma is one week old here. 

Davey is a fantastic big brother!  He laughs at everything Emma does.  I'm guessing no one will be able to make Emma laugh like Davey will in a few months from now. :)

my three little loves

1 week old

The Goebels came to meet Emma! :)

uncle Billy meeting Emma


auntie Heather

Clara wants Emma to lay with her each night before bed.  She can't wait till they can share a room.

Jessie & Miriam brought yummy food and came to visit.  

There's nothing better than a tiny baby asleep on your chest.

Abigail and kids came to meet Emma and also brought food!  Friends bringing food is seriously the best!  Such a blessing when all I want to do is snuggle my newborn.

Natalie loves her new friend!

Grandma Ann stopped by for cuddles and brought us groceries!  So thoughtful of her!  Thanks again, Mom!

Our first time using our Pavo Swallowtail wrap!  We love it!

sisters playing :)

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