Monday, May 1, 2017

Emma's 1st Birthday

Our sweet baby girl Emma Joy turned ONE on April 18th!  Michael took the day off work and we had the best day celebrating our girl.  It has been such a precious year and Emma has been such a joyful addition to our family.  I can't help but think back to one year ago when we welcomed this sweet girl into our family.

Emma really is such a JOY!!!  She is constantly smiling, waving and saying "hi" to just about everyone she sees.  "Hi" was her first word at seven months and she waves like she's pageant queen on a parade float, turning her wrist back and forth.  Emma crawls quickly to wherever she wants to explore or get into something.  She loves playing with Clara and Davey.  Emma stands and even dances a little.  She walks along furniture and if she's holding onto someone's hands or her walker.  Emma's favorite toy are these pull string wind up butterflies that are actually meant for the bathtub.  She loves bath time and being outside.  Besides "hi," she can also say "buh-bye," "mama," "dada" (but more often it's "hi da"), and she just started saying "baby" the night before her birthday.  Emma has lots of lovey nicknames including joyful, sunshine, blessing, newborn, smoochie, smooch ball, eminemy, mama's baby, and missy lou.  She is adored by all of us and we lover her so much!  Thank you Lord for our little sunshine!

We waited until Emma was one to give her strawberries and egg whites so Daddy made her scrambled eggs and cut up strawberries the morning of her birthday.

ONE year old!

We love our little sunshine joy baby so much!

party of five

Present time!

A bubble machine!  Emma LOVES bubbles!  She just squeals when she sees them.


"happy, happy, happy birthday,
happy birthday to you,
make a special birthday wish,
may all your wishes come true,
we all love you,
we're here to celebrate you"

Cupcake smash!  She was interested, but barely tasted it.

We went to the zoo for Emma's birthday and had so much fun!

Our "big" one-year-old will stand but she hasn't taken any steps on her own yet.

Clara had Performance Day for dance later that afternoon.  We are getting excited for her recital in a few weeks.

These ending poses crack me up.  Cute girls.

Sweet Amelia's class danced at the same time as Clara's.  

We had life group that evening...

and brought treats to celebrate with our friends!  Everyone sang Emma happy birthday.  Great ending to a wonderful day with our baby girl!

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