Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday: Travelogues

I'm joining Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday and talking about our favorite trips.

We haven't traveled a lot at this point, but we have big plans in the future.  We have a dream of visiting all 48 contiguous states by the time Clara graduates high school.  Alaska and Hawaii would be a bonus!  We have 12 years!  And we have to do something meaningful while we are there to make it count.  Driving a few miles along the edge of a state on our way to another destination doesn't count.  We haven't checked many states off the list yet, but plan to in a few years after we accomplish some other financial goals.  I've also always wanted to go to Italy.  Someday.

The prompt actually says to talk about our best and worst trips, but I'm going to opt out of the latter and just focus on good memories!  Two trips come to mind as highlights from our travels so far: a road trip through the Black Hills to Montana for a good friend's wedding and Acapulco for our honeymoon.

I blogged about our trip through the Black Hills to Montana HERE.  Davey was just 20 months and Clara was 3 1/2.  I had just had an emergency appendectomy like a week before.  And it was a 10+ hour drive.  It should have been a recipe for disaster but we had the time of our lives.  The littles did amazing on the long car ride.  We stopped at Mount Rushmore, visited family and spent the night at a lodge in Rapid City on the way out.  We stayed with my friend, the bride, on their ranch in Montana.  They had three days of wedding festivities planned and we had an absolute blast!

Michael and I got married July 22, 2006, but we didn't go on our honeymoon until March 2008.  Michael was deployed to Iraq with the army for 15 of those months in between and we waited until my spring break from nursing school to go after he got home.

We stayed at Las Brisas resort in a private suite, called a calista, on the mountain side overlooking Acapulco Bay.  It was pretty wonderful.

We spent the first day playing on the beach in the sand and the waves!  Apparently we were having too much fun to remember to reapply sunscreen often enough.  Not a good idea between being so much closer to equator and my fair skin.

We watched a cliff diving show while we ate supper.  It was crazy!

We drank coco locos at the swim up bar.

We went snorkeling...

and saw the cutest puffer fish!

We walked along the beach at sunset.  So romantic!

hanging out in the tiki hut

We went swimming with dolphins which was an incredible experience!  We need to pull out the video and watch it sometime soon.

We rented a jet ski and goofed around on it.

The sunset was stunning every night.  We watched it from Sunset Bar at our resort this night.

We informally renewed our vows on the beach, just the two of us.

It was an amazing honeymoon! 💕


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