Sunday, August 6, 2017

Lewis and Clark

The weekend of July 21st we packed up and headed to Lewis and Clark to camp for the weekend with friends.  We stayed in a cabin right along the Missouri River.  We were about a half mile bike ride from our friends' campers, which wasn't a big deal.  The swimming beaches at Lewis and Clark are one million times nicer than the one at Newton Hills.  It was pretty hot so we spent much of the time in the water.

There was a great climbing tree right by our cabin.

our view from our cabin porch

After we settled into our cabin and ate lunch we biked over to join our friends for a swim.

All five families pitched in to rent a lily pad for the weekend.  It was a hit for sure.

The Van Roekels brought their kayaks and Davey and Clara loved trying them out.

Clara was a natural!  She was just zooming along right away.

These are the days...  I wish I could freeze time.

Davey and I got to go tubing and it was so much fun!  Thanks again Doug!  Then Davey and Michael joined the boys for a boat ride.

These three had fun at the park.  I probably gave them a hundred under dogs on the swings!

Campfire time!

The boys were playing with hot wheels.

That Saturday was our 11th wedding anniversary!

Lots more beach time this day!

Four of the five mamas.  Loved spending time with all of them!

Clara and Michael got to go tubing!

Then Daddy pulled these three around in the tube.

One more campfire!

Brenda and I were all showered up from the day.  Love sitting around the fire and talking.

We drove through Vermillion on the way home so we could visit my Grandma, Dad and half-brother Jesse.

Jesse loved holding and playing with Emma.

We also got to see my cousin Kevin and his family and my aunt Leslie.

And they all three slept the whole way home.  #winning

We have one more camping trip with some other friends yet this summer.  I may be a little camped out for awhile after that! 😉  It's fun though and Michael and the kids especially love it.

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