Saturday, February 22, 2014

Clara is 3!

Clara turned THREE December 15th!  This little girl made my biggest dream come true… to be a mommy.  Our family is so blessed by her.  She is pure joy and brings so much love and happiness to our home.  I adore being her mama!  She is so sweet, thoughtful, incredibly smart, and loving.  She loves to dance and sing, hang out with her Ducky, do crafts, and help take care of her baby brother Davey.  Daddy, Davey and I love you sweet girl!

One tradition that I've started for my children (thank you Pinterest!) is to interview them every year on their birthday starting at age three.  Here's Clara's answers this year:

Nicknames:  Clarie, Sissy, Sweet Girl, Dolly and Baby Daughter
How old are you?  "3"
What is your favorite color?  "purple"
What is your favorite animal?  "piggies"
What is your favorite book?  "seahorse" (Mr. Seahorse)
What is your favorite tv show?  "George the monkey" (Curious George)
What is your favorite movie?  "Cinderelly" (Cinderella)
What is your favorite song?  "Life's a Happy Song" (from The Muppets movie)
What is your favorite food?  "broccoli," "pizza and breadsticks"
What is your favorite food for breakfast?  "o-ma-meal" (oatmeal) and "donuts"
What is your favorite snack?  "bunny crackers/goldfish," "pretzels," "carrots"
What is your favorite drink?  "chocolate milk"
What is your favorite game?  "Candy Land"
What is your favorite toy?  "tea set"
Who is your best friend?  "Ducky and Davey"
What is your favorite thing to do?  "coloring"
What is your favorite holiday?  "Christmas"
What do you sleep with?  "Ducky and Blankie"
Where is your favorite place to go?  "park," "dance class"
What do you want to be when you grow up?  "like a mama"

…"Like a mama!"  Melt my heart!  She is so incredibly sweet.  Clara's birthday is right in the middle of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  These pictures go till mid-January of this year.

Davey is so helpful!

Thanksgiving Day 2013
We had the BEST Thanksgiving at home with just our little family.  We made yummy food, watched the parade, made handprint turkeys and just relaxed.  It was wonderful.

Davey's turkey on the left; Clara's turkey on the right.

before Clara's 1st Christmas program at church

This was the most precious thing ever.  I was one proud mama.

Clara's last Mommy & Me dance class

Clara's birthday party at Grandpa & Grandma Ellingson's

We also celebrated Christmas that day.

Clara adores her uncle Robert.

fun with auntie Em

Clara's 3rd birthday

our beautiful birthday girl

my bestie Keira and our baby boys
So happy to finally be holding baby Parker!

Getting cozy at uncle Billy & aunt Heather's for the week of Christmas!  So generous of them to host us!  We had the best time.

uncle Billy

Christmas 2013

Yes, this is Clara's 3rd cake!  We had a mini birthday celebration for her with my family as well.

cousin Isaac & Davey

my family
(We missed you Daniel and Atika!)

long day

Grandma Ann & Clara

visiting beautiful Great Grandma Bisson

Clara and Tess (who she kept calling Sparky:)

love these baby boys

1st annual Jammy Cocoa Christmas!  We put our pjs on, got hot chocolate from Starbucks and drove around Sioux Falls looking at Christmas lights with Billy & Heather.  

We made Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning

Boxing Day 2013
Every year my girlfriends and I get together the day after Christmas.  We don't always all make it, but it's always a great time with some of my favorite girls.  This year we missed Renae who just had her first baby girl Ellie 9 days earlier in Nebraska.

Look at all those beautiful babies!

the boys

We visited Brandi & Brecken too!

Bisson Christmas 2013
most of my wonderful aunts & uncles
We drove to Minnetonka, MN for one of my favorite days of the year.  I love celebrating Christmas with my extended family.  They are all so wonderful and the time always goes by too quickly.

cousins and spouses

great-grand children

my little helper

We made play dough!

Davey finally fits into his superhero shirt great aunt Michelle and family sent him when he was born.  Adorable!

Of course Clara wanted a cape too so we used her play kitchen apron.  Superhero pose!

Grandpa giving airplane rides

Davey coloring - obviously someone had already started coloring that page. :)

My sweet friend Shelby moved to Aberdeen just as we were about to move.  Glad we could get together once though.  I used to babysit Shelby and her sisters a long time ago!

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