Thursday, January 22, 2015

Clara's 4th Birthday

My sweet girl turned 4 December 15th!  FOUR!  Someone, please slow down time.  
This little girl made me a mama and I'm so grateful.  I'll never forget those first moments after she was born.  She was perfect.  There are no words to describe the love I have for her.

Clara is such a treasure.  She has the biggest heart and is so sweet.  She's a thinker and I love hearing her thoughts and opinions.  She loves to sing and have dance parties.  She loves to play with Davey, especially pretending to be puppies together.  She loves to help me bake and definitely loves mixing the ingredients more than eating the finished product.  She loves doing crafts and playing with play doh.  She loves being outside.  She loves babies and continually make it known she'd like a baby sister... now.  It's beautiful to see her childlike faith in God and will initiate prayer, especially for healing if someone is hurt.  She brings our family so much joy!  Thank you God for our sweet girl!

I interviewed Clara again this year.  It's so fun to listen to her answers.  To see her answers to these questions last year, click here.

Nicknames:  Sissy, Sweet Girl, Dolly, Clarie, Clar-bear
How old are you?  (holds up 4 fingers) "4"
What is your favorite color?  "blue and purple and green"
What is your favorite animal?  "little baby puppies"
What is your favorite book?  "Jesus book" (Jesus Storybook Bible)
What is your favorite tv show?  "Paw Patrol, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Dora the Explorer" (Veggie Tales)
What is your favorite movie?  "Party Day and Cinderelly" (Frozen, Mickey's Magical Chirstmas)
What is your favorite song?  "Ring Around the Rosey" (Christmas carols, basically every song she hears she's singing it)
What is your favorite food?  "chicken and broccoli" (sun chips, popcorn)
What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?  "donuts"
What is your favorite drink?  "lemonade" (chocolate milk)
What is your favorite game?  "Frozen games" (6-in-1 Frozen themed games - bingo, four-in-a-row, matching, go fish, crazy 8's, dominoes)
What is your favorite toy?  "camera"
Who is your best friend?  "Davey!"
What is your favorite thing to do?  "kissing Daddy and loving him" (singing and dancing, crafts, playing outside, helping Mommy bake)
What is your favorite holiday?  "snow... Christmas!"
What do you sleep with?  "ducky and blankie" (and sometimes Daddy)
Where is your favorite place to go?  "Matthew & Rob's house" then later "Stella & Sam's house" (other friends' houses, zoo)
What do your want to be when you grow up? "baker"

We had a Cinderella themed birthday party with lots of family and friends on December 13th.  Thanks to everyone who came over to celebrate Clara and made her feel so special and loved!

Clara's birthday invites I made in Photoshop :)

Clara aka Cinderella

Ready to party!

our baby girl

our front door

Cinderella's birdie friends holding up the ribbon of pictures

Clara & Cinderella both start with "C"

lemonade, chicken salad croissants, veggie tray, fruit kabobs

Princess Wands, Pumpkins & Cinderella's Beads

I've had that Cinderella book since I was a little girl.

Princess Anna, Cinderella and Snow White :)

Princess Natalie - LOVE her!

The kids made tiaras and crowns!

Princess Amelia

Amelia, Davey, Matthew, Isaac, Rob
Will, Celia, Natalie, Clara, Noah

Taking pictures of 10 kids four and under (except Rob) is super easy... except not!

Cinderella Piñata

"Happy, happy, happy birthday,
happy birthday to you.
Make a special birthday wish,
may all your wishes come true.
We all love you,
we're here to celebrate you!"
~our favorite birthday song by Laurie Berkner

present time!

Grandma Ann & Clara

Grandma & Grandpa Ellingson & auntie Em

aunt Heather & uncle Billy

uncles Jacob, Zachary & Jordan & cousin Isaac

silly boy

my little baker

Clara's birthday eve

birthday morning

her favorite

We went to the Butterfly House for Clara's birthday!  The kids especially loved the aquarium area.

I took Clara to the Butterfly House for her first birthday as well. :)

We went to Chevy's for lunch.

We spent the afternoon watching The Nutcracker on TV, snuggling and dancing to the music.

One last present!  We spent the evening playing board games.  Phew!  What a celebration!!!

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