Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Happy 6th Birthday Clara!

Clara officially turned 6 on December 15th.  We had already celebrated her birthday with friends and family, ballerina style, so Michael took the day off of work and we spent the day celebrating just the five of us.

Oh, my sweet Clara...  There aren't words to describe how precious she is to us and how much we love her.

She is currently taking a ballet and hip hop class and absolutely loves it.  She has loved to dance since she's been able to stand. ;)  She is also involved in a Girls Scouts Daisy troop and her exact words as we got ready for the meeting one day was, "I don't want to miss a minute!" ;)  She has the sweetest troop leaders and is making new friends.  She is thriving in kindergarten and we are loving the My Father's World curriculum.  She has requested to play soccer this spring and t-ball this summer, so we have those adventures to look forward to.  She can also color for hours, loves crafting, and loves playing outside.

Clara is extremely sweet, caring and thoughtful.  God knew what he was doing when He made her a big sister.  She is an incredible "Sissy" to Davey and almost always happily plays with him.  She is the best little mama to Emma, always thinking of her, helping take care of her and playing with her.  Her eyes get really big when she tells us about something that interests her.  That's my favorite.  She loves to pick out her own clothes and loves layering a skirt over her pants.  She also loves accessorizing with jewelry and headbands.  She has a deep faith in God and asked Jesus into her heart this fall while praying with Michael and me.  I love listening to her sweet prayers.

Every year I interview the kids on their birthday.  Here are her answers this year...

Nicknames: Sissy, Clarie, Sweet Girl, Sugar Pie, Missy Lou
Age: 6
Favorite colors: pink and purple
Favorite animals: ducks, camels, birds, water creatures
Favorite book: The Friendly Duck
Favorite tv show: Dora
Favorite movie: Frosty the Snowman
Favorite songs: Shake Your Body Down, Balloons, Pillowland, Jingle Bells
Favorite foods: chicken, strawberries
Favorite drink: apple juice
Favorite game: Candy Land
Favorite toy: princess dolls
Best friends: Amelia, Celia, Ainslee, Davey, Emma
Favorite thing to do: play with my dollies
Favorite thing about dance: practicing The Nutcracker dances
Favorite thing about Girl Scouts: crafting
Favorite holiday: Christmas
Sleep with: Ducky, Build-A-Bear leopard, Davey
Favorite place to go: toy store (Kidtopia)
Favorite thing about David: He plays with me and likes to tell me jokes.
Favorite thing about Emma: She lets me hold her, snuggle her, and play with her.
Want to be when you grow up: Candy maker, toy maker, baker... I don't know what to decide. ;)

Click HERE to see her answers when she was 5.
Click HERE to see her answers when she was 4.
Click HERE to see her answers when she was 3.

I decorated her door after she went to sleep the night before her birthday. :)

Happy birthday to my sweet 6 year old!

After breakfast we met some friends at the library for story time.  Author Tom Roberts was there telling stories and reading some of his books.

It's always fun to get to see one of your besties on your birthday!

Clara and Davey's dreams came true when we went to Build-A-Bear for the first time!  They're getting their animals stuffed here.

rubbing their hearts before placing them in their animals

Oh happy day!

hanging at the mall

Clara wanted to eat at Red Robin. :)

Clara got to open her present when we got home!  She was definitely excited that it was bigger than she is!

all the princesses

We made Clara an ice cream cake at her request. :)

Happy 6th birthday sweet girl!

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