Monday, March 17, 2014

Jenna's 1st visit home since moving to Colorado

My sister Jenna visited from Colorado this past week and lots of family fun ensued.  Monday we got together and grilled at Ben & Gabby's, Wednesday everyone came over to our place, and Thursday we spent the day at my Grandma Bisson's.  Then yesterday we celebrated my nephew Isaac's 3rd birthday.  So that's four family get togethers in one week! :)

Yay!  Hadn't seen my sister since Davey's 1st birthday party back in September.  You have to love her face tan.  She's working as a ski lift operator at a resort in Colorado, so her face is the only thing that sees the sun. :)

group picture at Ben & Gabby's Monday

Clara is just precious and loves her auntie and uncles.

Yep, that's my siblings. ;)

Davey was showing off his basketball skills for everyone.  Every time he'd catch the ball we'd all cheer and he would smile proudly.

Auntie Jenna!

group picture at our place Wednesday


Clara just loved Great Grandma Bisson's magnifying glass.

Davey and Clara sitting in Great Grandma's walker

We love playing cards (and Yahtzee) with Grandma.  She usually wins. ;)  We played Golf on Thursday.

one more picture with Jenna

We love our Grandma!


Davey playing the piano at Great Grandma's.  Clara and Davey had so much fun spending the day there.  We all did.  My Grandma's house is definitely one of my happy places.

Happy 3rd birthday Isaac!

Gabby and Benj with their 3 year old!

Love that little face.  Hilarious!

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