Monday, March 31, 2014

Grandparents & A Baby Shower

Michael's parents and sister came to Sioux Falls this weekend to shop for Emily's new house, so of course they came to see us, too.  Clara and Davey colored pictures for Grandpa and Grandma Ellingson this last week and after we mailed them Clara said, "Now we just have to wait for Grandma to come.  We have to wait till we see her red car."  She said this like, we mailed Grandma a card, so therefore she will come visit us.  And sure enough it worked as they came to visit last minute just a few days later.  Ha!  Now she's really going to think that's how it works. :)

Then Sunday evening I had the best time with my life group girls celebrating Abigail and Paul's baby and just hanging out.  Love these women so much!  I am so grateful that when we moved back to the Sioux Falls area we were able to just jump right back in with our old church and have an immediate community around us.

me, Sheena, Melissa, Emily, William, Rachel, Abigail, Noah, and Cherish 

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