Monday, March 3, 2014

this past week

Last Monday when I left the room after putting Clara and Davey down for a nap, Clara had a blanket and her ducky and that's all that was on their bed.  When I went back in to check on them later this is what I found…  Clara had covered Davey up with a blanket (which I don't usually do because he gets too hot) and put all of their stuffed animals to sleep as well.  Silly girl!  (We are waiting to put Clara's bed frame together till her new big girl mattress gets delivered.)

On Wednesday we had a rare family date out to eat at Chevy's.  So delicious and fun!

Hanging out with one of my best girlfriends!  Love my grandma!!

We had fun celebrating my uncle Kevin's retirement on Friday from almost 29 years of service as a fireman.  Our friend Tim is a fireman as well so it was fun that he was there and to have him give us a tour of the fire station.

Stella and Sam came over to play on Saturday.  They are both so sweet and Clara and David loved playing with them.

having supper at their picnic table

She loves dressing up her dolly.  She always coordinates the clothes so well. :)

The kids love their bedtime routine.  We always read a chapter of The Storybook Bible to them and let them each pick out another book to read.

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