Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Heather's Bridal Shower

This past Saturday my family threw Heather a bridal shower.  It was so much fun to celebrate Heather and my brother Billy's upcoming wedding.  I have the best extended family and I love every time we get together.  Thanks to everyone who helped and attended to make the shower such a success!

I'm so excited for Billy & Heather's big day!  They are truly in love and so happy together.  I couldn't wish for more than that for my big brother.  Love you both!

This cupcake wedding dress cake was amazing!  Thank you pinterest!

Heather & her mom Pam

both mamas

Clara LOVES her auntie Heather!  I think the feeling is mutual. :)

I wish Jenna could have been there!

4 generation pictures

with Grandma Asmussen

We started with intros since some of Heather's family was there.  Everyone had to draw a ribbon and then talk while wrapping it around their finger until it was gone. 

Great Grandma Mary and baby Clara Marie

25 Questions
They know each other really well!

Pass the Presents

Present time!  Clara loved helping open presents as I'm sure you can imagine.

Davey playing with big boys Waylon, Cohen, Drake, Brayden & Jase.

Thanks again to everyone for coming!

And here are some bonus pictures from this past week...

This past Tuesday we got to meet our friends Abigail & Paul's latest addition, Natalie Jane.  She is so precious!!!  We love her already.  She is just as sweet as can be and smiled several times while I was holding her.  Can't wait to cuddle her again.  Paul & Abigail, we are so happy for you guys!  What a beautiful family you have.

lunch at the Milky Way Friday

They turned the fountains on at the park.

My sweet, gorgeous cousin Tessa had her high school grad party yesterday.  They thought of everything!  It was such a great party!

I have no words.  She's my favorite.

And these two sillies...  They had so much fun at Kevin and Teresa's last night playing with their puppy Bella.

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