Sunday, April 13, 2014

Welcome Spring!

It has been so nice out this past week and we have been enjoying every minute of it.  We renewed our zoo pass last Sunday.  This was Davey's first time at the zoo and he loved it, of course.  Clara had a great time too, with the flamingos and zebras being the highlights for her.  We also took lots of bike rides and spent hours at the parks.  Davey pedaled the tricycle for the first time while I pushed him.  They love playing in the sand and pebbles at the parks and swinging and sliding are oh-so-fun!

Davey could not stop laughing with excitement at seeing the animals.  I think they were a little afraid of him. :)

Clara showing us what the "mamingos" do.  Note the adorable foot up on her leg.

We were finally able to break in the new wagon they got for Christmas.

Clara was very excited to see the zebras.

first time at the big park in Tea

Wednesday Michael and I went on a date. <3  Thanks again to Cherish for taking care of our kiddos!

Thursday we finally saw Tin Man Revival play.  Oh my!  Incredible!  Can't wait for their next show.

We love this little park.

One of the best parts about Spring?  Tired little ones after playing outside all day!

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